The Magick message - project me day 548

4 July 2011

Every morning I pull a Dragonfea Oracle card. Some cards I've seen countless times and others I would swear hadn't been in the pack that I've owned for a good couple of years.

This morning, after a draining weekend with my body, I pulled one of those cards that I've never received a message from before. Her name is Grandmother Magicks and her message goes like this:

"Respect your cycles - understand more about your body and its needs and functions. treat every function of your body with love and respect.?unearth?and dissolve?negative?conditioning?about?bodily functions and know that Grandmother Magicks will re-teach you what there is to?learn?about your body, sex, sexuality and fertility so you can pass it on with love and wisdom. There will be no more shame about the physical body in your bloodline. She heralds a new beginning of empowerment. Growing older, you can still be beautiful, vital, desirable and powerful. Do not fall victim to the false lies of the cultural?hypnosis?that tell you that to be older is not?desirable. to be an ancient - a Grandmother - is to be wise. And there is no better thing."

Sometimes I have my skeptical moments when the cards are repeated or the message doesn't seem to apply, but then there are moments like this one. Moment's when I can't deny the accuracy of the message, that I hold my breath and am so grateful for messages that remind me it's all going to be alright.

The combination of the weekend's energy had me so?exhausted this morning that I was forced to do something I never do. NOTHING!

I have spent my life dragging myself to events, functions, meetings or even just to sit at the laptop for fear of what would happen if I did nothing all day. Taking a step back ... I was forced to do nothing all weekend too.

I even went so far as cancelling 2 friend's?occasions on the weekend and 2 meetings today. I know we say we always have choice, but literally, my body chose for me. It's exhausting to be sore all the time and when makes you feel gross too, well that's a double whammy.

What a way to begin a relationship! I've been horrified that Mr Unexpected has had to put with it all, yet he's been amazing. That's something else I'm not so great at ... being taken care of. It was so bad that I couldn't even make the bed or a cup of tea ... and there he was, cooking, cleaning, holding me while I cried.

The card speaks of everything I have been going through right now and all the things I usually would have wanted to run a mile from, but now that I want to embrace it I feel as though I can't. I can't exercise, I can't be intimate ... I can't do the things I have been aiming for, yet for the first time, I've done nothing about it.
I haven't pushed the process. I haven't forced myself better. I haven't forced myself on despite pain and discomfort. I haven't forced myself to cook, heaven forbid someone take care of me. Nothing ...

Something I have had no idea how to do before. Nothing but let someone take care of me. Nothing but rest and wait to heal. Nothing but cry when I have needed to ... nothing but accept the place my body is in!

Who would have thought that nothing could be so magickal?

4 comments on “The Magick message - project me day 548”

  1. That card is freaky! Amazing how accurate they can be. I also pick up the same card most times and every now and again a new one pops up. Glad you are being looked after so well.

  2. Nothing wrong with getting old, after all, I've worked hard on EVERY grey hair and wrinkle I have. It's a badge of honor rather than something to be feared. Kinda like scars, they're tattoos with rather interesting stories.

    "When 900 years old you reach, look this good you will not" ~ Yoda 🙂

    Sometimes you need to just stop and trust in others. For however long that takes.
    My recent post Happy Birthday

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