The many faces of water - project body week 8

7 August 2011

I can't believe it's been 8 weeks and I'm sure by now most people will have stories of having lost a good fortune of weight but I don't feel as though I've lost any. I can only imagine that there are going to be times when I am going to be mighty frustrated and pissed off with myself, so that's going to be an interesting journey if I don't start doing something different.

I feels as though ?I want to blame a thing or two for not keeping myself on the straight and narrow, but the truth is I started 'project body' because I knew that if I wasn't accountable to something or someone, I just wouldn't do it.

How's the water aerobics? Well, it's happening in spurts. I'm trying to get myself more focused on getting to gym and the combination of icy cold mornings, having to leave Mr Unexpected (that's only one morning a week but it feels like hell) and making sure my diary is organised to not schedule something in the way of my gym time.
Greggie reminded me of a very important Lifeology and therefore 'project me/body' lesson ... if it's not fun then something's not right? I'm now on the journey of finding the 'hook' that keeps me having fun during the water aerobics because I really do hate training that much. I never wanted to be this person who had to force myself to do anything ... but it's me and it's real and if I can't find water aerobics fun (because everyone said I would be hooked ages ago) then I might be in trouble.

How's eating going? Well, I could be healthier! I'm still hanging onto the gratitude that I have for the SlimLab tablets that keep my appetite under control. At least I'm not eating a horse at each sitting, but that counting calories thing needs attention. I can't believe I've been single for well over a decade and now that I'm trying to focus on just feeding me, I have to worry about feeding Mr Unexpected too. I don't know how to change my diet without controlling what he eats. Yes, we both need to be healthier and Greggie keeps reminding me that I managed to make?dietary?changes that were so subtle yet so healthy. Of course I would attract a man who also does the comfort food eating thing ... so this journey is still a very interesting one.

Well that all depends on what kind of water you are talking about. Does tea count? Does green tea count? How much flavoured water are we talking? I'm a little better in summer but I hate it during winter ... it's the combination of drinking cold water when I'm cold and then needing to pull down my pants and sit on a cold toilet seat that takes all the fun out of being healthy.

Mr Unexpected has?highlighted?my own body issues because I'm concerned that he never drinks plain water, yet I can't say the same for myself. Why do people make unhealthy things in the first place? Why take something as natural and perfectly healthy for us and then ruin it with loads of sugar, sodium and a whole lot of crap that hurts our bodies? (That's me taking out my frustrations ... )

I don't know the upcoming week holds and if I will be sitting here this time next week saying the same old thing ... or maybe I will have gone to my 3 classes of water aerobics this week. I will have drank my 2 liters or water per day. I will have cooked a healthy meal of steamed veggies and grilled chicken ... and water will be helping me be friend with my body, one precious drop at a time.

2 comments on “The many faces of water - project body week 8”

  1. Wow - thanks for reminding me that I am not the only one :

    1) That dislikes cold water & even colder toilet seats,

    2) That struggles to cook in a way that will allow me to lose weight, all the while trying to balance the dietary requirements of everyone else in my home and finally...

    3)That if it's not fun, then maybe I need to be reevaluating a whole number of aspects of my life!

    Thanks !

    1. Thanks for making me feel more human ... this is all about being kind to myself and remember that everything is a process!! Your comment means a lot along this very interesting journey!

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