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27 July 2012
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It's been an interesting week on #projectbody, which had the potential of ending on a pretty bleak note. Another 7 days pasted and I dropped 0.2kg. I started typing, 'only' but that's not being very kind to myself at all. I thought I was settled in not having any expectations, but it's tougher than I thought it would be.

Overall I've lost 6.3kg in 6 weeks. A kilo a week is fantastic, and as my amazing friend, Liesl, reminded me ... my bod must be asking 'what the hell's up with this and when it knows I'm not trying to kill it, all will settle.
My amazing team mates on this #projectbody journey, Carol and Jono, well they came around for dinner last night and I realised how much we all needed that on so many levels.

This thing ... the mind ... wow, it takes a whole lot of understanding in order to stick to the plan and not let it mess with all the days of healthy eating and hours of training. We are all under the nutrition and fitness guidance of Kilo2Kili, while the emotional side is dealt with by Greggie and myself ... Lifeology.
I did my archetypes course about 8 years ago and I remember to rapidly it it brought about consciousness that I wasn't sure I was ready for. The archetypes is a combination of the works of Caroline Myss and Carl Jung and they help individuals identify 12 archetypes. If I say, 'mother' or 'prince' or 'queen', we all can?immediately?identify with traits that make up this type of nature. Well, within the 12 that we each have, they go through our ?lives either in the shadow or in the light (depending on how conscious we are of how to use all the traits).

It took me years to realise that the archetypes are naturally within our persona but that the mind has so much to do with how we relate to the traits that define us.

Along the journey of weight loss (and I've done it so many times before) there are always reasons why we start, stop and start again. There are reasons why it seems impossible and why only about 5% of anyone who loses weight keeps it off. It's because of a friendship that need to work very hard on ... a friendship with ourselves. The mind is at the core of that friendship and last night, while sharing stories of what motivates us, what our skinny dreams look like and how we feel about getting there, that I realised that the mind needs something very special. The mind needs friends.

I felt my mind opening up to the load noises for fear, shouting that I eat too much still or that one slice of bread is going to set me back for days. It doesn't matter how supportive Joni Kowensky of Kilo2Kili is, until my mind can make friends with anything, I am always at risk of throwing in the towel and saying all the things I've said before.
So last night, three friends, who are all in #projectbody together, but can only do it for ourselves ... well those friends allowed our minds to make friends too.

My mind felt settled and a little less noise bellowed through when the scale didn't say what I wanted it to.

One of the greatest gifts I have given myself is doing this journey with people who are at the same stage as me. We have all tried. We haven't lost and not put it back on. We have fears and insecurities all stemming from the past attempts. We have visual goals that inspire us and we don't want to?disappoint?ourselves but we have no intention of giving up on ourselves either.

Today, if it were not for my friends and my mind's friends, that result would have done the usual. It would have freaked me out and I would have done something extreme ... because extreme is written all over my archetypes. Instead, I did something different ... I shared my result with my friends and let our minds talk to each other so that I didn't have to do anything else different at all.

On to week 7 🙂

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