The move is on - project me day 454

29 March 2011

This is a blog in anticipation for the wake-up call tomorrow morning. I don't picture myself getting out of bed and not needing to jump straight into the preparation of the move for the day.

So here it is ... moving day!
I'm scared! I'm most scared about Saphirah (the kitty) and Albie (the parrot). More Saphirah with all the chaos and how unsettled she's going to be.
In my little world we aren't ready for this move because there are little things freaking lying everywhere, but Greggie and mom are trying to get me to see that this is how moves go.

So ... it's official! The next time I blog will be from our new little house. I promise to take pics (even though I don't own a mattress) and I promise to remain as calm as humanly possible when moving 😉

Oh ... thank you all for your amazing support during this time. Most of all ... thanks for not going anywhere while I feel like a chicken running around without a head!

2 comments on “The move is on - project me day 454”

    1. I am thinking of you so much over these next few days my friend! Just remember that somehow we cope much better than we ever thought we would! I can't wait to post pics of my new house and can't wait to see yours! Big hug and good luck 😉

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