The mystery tattoo - project me day 106

17 April 2010

Everyone's asking and I've found myself repeating it over and over again ... so here's the much talked about tattoo! The artist has it now and it's being drawn. Next week Princess Kiki and I will go and check out the final sketch and then we ... wait ...

Here she is - my goddess holding the moon for the very long awaited tattoo

Here she is ... my tattoo of the goddess holding the moon

To be honest ... I'm so pissed off ... I typed the whole blog about yesterday but didn't realise my connection had dropped. Maybe that's because I have a set of four year old nephews, a petrified kitty and even more petrified parrot and a mom with a cast on her foot!

So ... I went to the doc and had the blood test. Got teenage acne cream and the ... after a long lecture about safe sex ... got the pill too.
I got the license disk .... there is hope yet!
I got my car inspected for the insurance that I've had for years. I got the bullshit story from the inspection guy that this is standard, when we all know they are just idiots.
I got to get some work done for the upcoming archetypes course and got butterflies with excitement about teaching again.
I got to have yet another hysterical laugh with my mom after she stood in Mouse's (the cat called mouse) water bowl with the foot that has the cast and we got to chat and giggle while she blew her cast dry!

I got ... that in just a few days I've done more than I've done in the past four months ... all for me! I got how much fun it all can be and how 'project me' is not a doing, but a being (yep ... very deep ... I know!)

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  1. Ooops ... while trying not to trip over a child, the cat or my mother ... I forgot to mention that the tattoo is going at the top of my back ... in the middle! Yep ... over the spine where I've heard it's freakin' sore!

  2. Well... productivity is a compounding thing really. You wouldn't have been able to get as much done in the past few days than you would have over the past few months without having first done all the hard work. Funny how when that happens, everything seems to pop into place after that.

    Very interesting tattoo design. I'm keen to see how the final sketch comes out, so be sure to share that when it's done! 😀

    Still plucking up the courage this side... then again, I'll most likely just wake up one morning and decide that today is the day.
    My recent post Coma White

    1. Come on Robbie ... If I can do this tattoo then it's so time for you to do it too! I know you have that little to do list out there ... just swap the pencil for the pen 😉

      I'm getting the sketch this week, but I'm so keeping it a secret until it''s a permanent feature ... lol!

  3. This was a definitely great post. In theory I'd like to create like this also - taking time and true effort to produce a good article... but what can I say... I procrastinate alot and in no way appear to get something accomplished.

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