The new me Venus Networks' - project me day 442

18 March 2011

It's no secret that this girl loves to social network in the comfort of my own little space in my cyber world and it's undeniable that my plan is working fabulously and that social networking and I are very cozy bosom buddies. It's also a no-brainer that something had to shift if the magical fairies of manifestation are going to turn my dreams into a reality. That's always the one part of manifestation that I trip over, stub my toes and burst out crying over ... the do something different/face your fears part. Trust me, I've tried to invoke a miracle and defy the laws of attraction, but here I sit with a failed yet grateful for my failure story to ?tell.

I always say it: Throw me in front of a crowd and I am all confidence and not faking a single moment of me. Send me out into the world alone and I become the little girl, Jodene, who I don't remember as being very brave at all. I mean, really, take away all of the cuteness (oh good, you can see it too) and I don't see much oozy confidence in that little girl face.

At Lifeology we recommend that you do one thing each day that scares you. One thing ... not days on end with scary, out of comfort zone events. Well that's been my last few days. Traveling alone totally scares me. Horrid clouds that shake a plane silly, hopelessly scares me. Talking to strange men on non-escapable airplanes intimidates me a little (or a little more than a little). Being stranded in an airport not knowing why the plane isn't in the sky is up there with things that unsettle me. Do I sound like a woos right about now?

Lucky for me, the things that usually freak people out is the stuff that doesn't freak me at all. Now that I've given myself and my ego that little save, I can mention one more thing that I absolutely HATE doing on my own. Drum roll please ... I HATE arriving at places on my own. I can go to a movie by myself and shop for ages all alone and even take myself out to dinner, but don't make me arrive at a function all by myself. Yuk! Yes ... I said Yuk!!

So after returning from Cape Town after being stranded in the airport and then thrown around the sky wall sitting next to a strange man who was offering to buy me wine ... I had a ladies networking event to attend. This would be easy ... phone a friend and don't go alone. The one bit of bravery thing was done hours ago and I expected the rest of the day to go my way. I can picture the manifestation fairies chuckling at me, constantly.

It was supposed to be easy ... call Hustler Girl. Right, she was busy. Beg little sis who looked?hagged?after a seriously hard day's work (I tried not to care, trust me). Beg mother ... ok, that was going nowhere. Sulk for 10 minutes that you business partner and best friend (same person) is a male. A cute male would look great in drag, but still a no-can-do for the networking event.

Sulk for another 5 minutes. I tried to convince myself that the airport and airplane saga was too much for me, but we all know I'm not much of a quitter ... so I put on the war-paint and my big girl panties and headed to the networking event.

If you say I told you so, (not mentioning any names ... Greg Arthur or a certain Robbie) you shall consider yourself unspoken to for at least 24 hours.
I will let The Venus Networks introduce itself: An on-going collaboration between brands and a group of carefully selected women, designed to ensure that the products and brands that women buy, and the information they receive, fit into their world, not the other way around.

It's undeniable, I'm a Venus Girl and pretty damn thrilled at myself for facing the dozenth fear for the day and attending the networking function on my own. I always say that The Universe rewards bravery and my reward was being surrounded by an unbelievable crowd of inspirational women. We all had the same goal in mind ... FUN of course! It was great to just be girls ... girls with ideas, dreams, aspirations, visions and very big plans. You need three things when women network ... food, champagne and a pen. In this era of technology don't think any of us whipped out our Blackberry's or find them for that matter. Thank heavens for the good old fashioned business card and some very smart Venus ideas that are only?conjured up by networking women.

They say it only takes one and this was it. The one! The one moment that broke a little more shackles that tie me to the world of online networking and throws me out into the world for another very powerful form of social networking. A 'project me' moment of great self pride and the reward of meeting new and reconnection with familiar empowering women who are all The Venus Networks.

A special thank you to the ladies of the diligo online fashion shop for a great night, an instant connection, immediate social plans and a great concept!

6 comments on “The new me Venus Networks' - project me day 442”

  1. I can think of a number of fun reasons to don heels and stockings but a women's networking function is not one of them. So I'm glad you saw the fun in it and managed to go on your own.
    (There was no "I told you so" in any of that, was there?) 😉

    Happy days my awesome business partner! Happy days!

    My recent post When health becomes an addiction

    1. Thank you my friend an no, you weren't to hard on my yesterday ... maybe a little too determined to get me to see the benefits, but you had my best interests at heart and that did come shining through. So you survived another day without me making a dolly of you and sticking pins in your butt 😉

  2. Hahahaha...

    How very empowering, a woman's group to promote women so that they can reach the equality of men?

    I agree with the stockings and heels... many good reasons but that wouldn't be one. Might have done my nails though. 😉

    I wouldn't say I told you so... but then again, I'm just sayin' 😀
    My recent post God Help the Outcasts

    1. Lol ... Oh Robbie, you would simply have to be a woman to understand 😉
      As I always say ... take pics! I can't miss out on seeing you in stockings and heels!!

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