The perfect ingredient for success - project me day 132

13 May 2010

The relaunch of my website and new design of logo that is perfectly aligned with the company (Lifeology) image is so close that I can almost taste it. I've been very hush, hush about the new blog that I'm launching at the same time and have been very calculating and sneaky in doing so ... it's all part of the ingredients that create success.

So is 28 day aged rump, fettucine, olive oil, garlic, chilli, a whole load of fresh herbs and a cream tub of crumbled feta cheese ... no wait ... that's the ingredients used to schmoozle the friend who works for the publishing house. I know the dish is a winner because it's been used to schmoozle Mr Big and that worked a charm (nudge, wink) and I've also never had the perfect reason to make it for Greggie either ... but there's nothing like feeding someone a dish so delicious and passionate that it creates the perfect atmosphere to get what you need. I need to understand what it takes to get published and I need it from someone in the know. I also need someone to take a look at both the Children's book and Ephineah (the novel) and help me with the correct direction it's going to take to live my dreams of becoming a well establilshed and flourishing writer.

Thanks to Greggie's sweet tooth, the additional ingredients of rich chocolate pudding and double thick fresh cream kept our publisher friend there long enough to pick her brain, feel a whole lot better about the publishing and process and certainly end the day with a whole lot more direction.

Sometimes the recipe for success is a little less measured and planned than a perfect dish, in the case of the burst of retweets project me has been getting over the last few days. You know when you taste something that you wish you could distinguish in a dish, but you just can't put your finger on it? Well, that's the strangest ingredient of all ... I can't say what I've done differently. Well ... besides the passion that I have for my writing career and the drive that I have to be a success. Sometimes the ingredients counts a little less than the patience it takes for the reward of the perfect dish ... and I'm loving the serving of retweets.

I have my first online interview ... tee hee! The pressure is on because I can't very well talk about my new adventures and introduce myself to more of the world if I don't have the blogs and website to show for it. So a crafty combination of the perfect ingredients should time the publishing of the article with the relaunch of the sites. It's all about skill and perfect illusion that everything is going well within the kitchen. Well ... the irony is that my office basically is the kitchen. I work from Greggie's home and sit very comfortably in his amazingly designed space that's all inclusive of a huge kitchen with dining table, couch, gas heating and a kettle that whistles at me signaling tea time.
In that kitchen I create most of my masterpieces ... both those that I feed people with my passion for cooking and those that people read with my passion for writing.

All of that takes energy ... you know ... working whole heartedly to live the success that all begins with a dream and my ingredient is none other than oats.
A big part of 'project me' has been about finally sorting out the whole weight loss thing without being obsessed with goals and while still having fun. That was a challenge beyond belief until the personal trainer gave me the magic?ingredients. ?A big bowl of yummy oats jam (which is super low in GI) packed with cinnamon (which is brilliant for blood sugar levels), almonds and berries (both equally low gi) and I cannot believe the difference it's made in my life. I can't believe the difference it's made on the waistline either ... jeans are not so tight and bod is feeling much happier!!

Today is all about getting my website finished and relaunched ... therefore the ingredients to feed my Knight (who's the captain of my ship and sailing my website into the sunset) a?scrumptious?bowl of minestrone soup with hot toast and melting butter.
My dad blessed me with a boldness in the kitchen and taught me to throw the recipe book away and get creative, excited and confident about anything I ever make. I'm not shy to say that my food is out of this world and I'm just as happy to say that I know I've chosen a good one today ... and I'll slowly fill him up with hot and soup that is worth him giving it his all get that website up and running ... so basically ... a little tempting, a bit of kitchen seduction and a sprinkle of fresh parsley sounds like the way to get the job done.

In the meantime ... my combination of tea coupled with peanut butter and provita are all the ingredients I need to take the edge off, considering I have websites to launch and a publisher asking for manuscripts ... one of which has been very neglected because I forgot one important ingredient to fuel me to the end ... a cup of confidence (but no worries ... it's back!)

13 comments on “The perfect ingredient for success - project me day 132”

    1. Thank you very much for that amazing comment my friend. Don't forget to fill in your latest blog entry so that my readers can get a taste of your special writing.

  1. Hahaha, your posts get better and better. The recipes sound delicious. Both the food and for success.

  2. What an interesting way of looking at success ... I didn't see that one coming!

  3. I've never been able to use a recipe book... unless baking, but even then it's a guide rather than the plan. Learnt that from my mother, thankfully dad just ate it! 🙂

    Ah... winter... guess it's time to get out ye olde soup pot and get cracking. Nothing beats a good bowl of soup, fresh warm crusty bread with melting butter. 😀
    My recent post California Dreamin'

    1. Did you see today's pic of my yummy soup that I made ... pot is already out and soup is on the stove. I've never been one to bake because of the followoing instructions thing ... tee hee!

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