The power of talk - project me day 276

5 October 2010

It's amazing that with my inability to type I have been forced to talk on the phone so much more. I didn't realise how much I have lost touch with that personal communication and it's been so special to throw myself back into 'project me' with my very own voice.

My day started with a long chat to The Jock. Yes, we still keep in touch and he has been super supportive (well in the best way he knows how ... which is telling me what to do to heal). We avoid speaking because of the connection we have and the fact that he's in a relationship now, but something has settled between us and our chats are based on true friendship.

Sadly I also had to come to the realisation that Text Guy and I haven't spoken for so long and that his forgetting my birthday and not having checked up on me after knowing that I hurt my back ... I have to tell myself that the friendship is done and I did a little deleting. Remember that I was an obsessive Facebook deleter but now I'm?conservative. In my boldness and telling myself the truth that we don't talk anymore, I also deleted Mr Wow and a few other hanger-oners! It was time!

I've decided that I need to get the speech recognition software because I'm not enjoying not being able to write and I have to make the necessary 'project me' plans because I am so on track with my passion and I am not going to let anything stop me. After pushing through with Sexpo I know I can do anything and if it takes me training software and learning to talk my 'writing' instead of writing it then so be it ... it's still me!

It's been amazing that my new found friend who I think I am going to name Butty (because we both have a pain in our butt constantly) and I talk every single day. We are getting to know each other and it's less about the back and more about ourselves and making new friends. Again ... the power of talk has been awesome!

Things are a little bit stressful in our own little worlds between my mom, Greggie and myself and for the first time we all feel as though our pillars of strength are not so strong. I don't think I have ever shared the amazing bond that the three of us have and that we meet often (and now on a regular Tuesday night) to talk with each other and hear ourselves talk our own fears and truths. I think on a Tuesday night it's the greatest 'project me' gift I give myself. It's not easy speaking the truth and it's certainly no fun hearing it either, but the three of us are a great gift to each other and that is exactly what catapults us forward on our own journeys.

I have had to make business calls instead of send emails and I have had to say things that are easier to type, but my body is giving me a great gift as I heal it slowly and with the one thing I am learning ... patience.

It's amazing that I have had to spend so much time with myself and I find that talking to me is beautiful. I tell myself stories and can't wait to write them.

It's amazing ... this short blog and my back is sore, but at least I'm listening to my body and it's time to go ... talk to you tomorrow 😉

8 comments on “The power of talk - project me day 276”

  1. I reckon you can find just about anything online, perhaps it's time to search eBay for a new back? :p

    As for old Text Guy... some folk seem to jump into our lives and then just fade away - for whatever reason. Hey, such is life.

    I much prefer writing stuff out (or typing because nobody can actually read my writing - I should have been a doctor). I generally look a lot smarter than I sound until... I open my mouth 😀

    But... hang in there.
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    1. Bwahaha ... I would like to find other things on eBay too then! 😉

      You aren't always kind to yourself as long as you know just how powerful you are my friend. Sometimes you are so smart that you take my breath away.

      Thank for all the support during this tough time my friend ... I hope you can see that I am still living project me through it all.

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