The Project Me Inspirational - project me day 371

6 January 2011
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I have this terrible habit of thinking everything is more complicated to set up that it actually might be. The same goes for the Twitter newspapers that have slowly filtered their way onto the social networking scene.

I have really been so grateful to receive?notifications?of ?the inclusions in a number of daily and weekly newspapers and I spend my days saying 'thank you' to these wonderful people. Can you believe that I even suggested to a dear blogging friend of mine that he should create a newspaper? I gave him all the benefits and didn't think, for one moment, that it might benefit me too.

Ok, so I woke up this morning with a little more of a business mind and set one up for myself. The Project Me Inspirational is my contribution to cyberspace as I share my fave twitterers with the world. Of course, it was easy to set up and that's my 'project me' lesson for the day ... just do it, dammit!

Thank you to: ?The my-friends Daily, The Jean Campbell Collen Daily, The Robert Millar Daily and The Tweathearts Daily for the inclusion of Project Me in your newspapers.

I got an email from someone today asking if he could interview me for his blog. I get notifications of inclusions in different Daily's nearly every day. I get a new comment from a stranger or a retweet from a new face and I feel as thought I have hit the jackpot. Somehow I don't think that my excitement at the growth of my blog or my dreams will ever stop the little girl giggle and clapping of handies as I bounce around in my seat 😉

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