The Project Me new look - project me day 476

21 April 2011

So, how do you like the look?

Yes, there are a lot of looks in that one loaded sentence.
There's the new design and layout that has been implemented because advertising is officially a reality.
There's the 'um' of red hair that is still out with the jury and then there's the look of the gorgeous handbags that I'm hanging onto with the fresh new owners of 6 on Thirteenth.

That's a lot of 'new' and I get the feeling that it's only the beginning. I can feel something within me that is slowly growing into more of the 'in your face' individual that I was born to be.

That's why there has been such a burst of fiery red that has changed the look of the blog. As I said, I'm not so sure that the 'Bree' red suits without reverting back to some quirky 'Desperate Housewives' drama that I worked so hard at dropping. This new look me has more to do with putting myself out into the world and being noticed. Yes, yes ... if you have been following this blog for long I fully entitle you to roll your eyes at the fact that I was crying not so long ago and wondering how the hell I was going to do what is now coming so naturally to me.

Take last night's function at 6 on Thirteenth for instance. The dynamic duo of mother and son, Matt and Bev Counihan launched their Kathy van Zeeland handbag business and there I was, invited as a blogger and introduced to people as a speaker. No mess, no fuss ... just a girl doing her thing and making her way in the world.

I say it again, as I do so often on this special space that I have created: Tell yourself the truth, make it all about you and if it's still your dream ... fight on and never give up. It might be a slightly premature statement when my ego takes a peak at it, but from where I'm standing (in my project me shoes) it's freaking awesome.

All of a sudden I am realising that hanging onto the believe in myself has sparked the most unbelievable belief in me by others. In a meeting today we were discussing how there is nothing new under the sun. That is true, but in the same breath there is no one as unique as me either.

The new look goes beyond Project Me and I am humbled to call Greg Arthur my business partner (I've boasted more than enough about the incredible friendship). Just this week I have watched our business speak for itself through the sheer magnificence of his presence, confidence in each other and our brands and ability to spark up new ideas in the midst of chaos.

It's the long easter weekend and there are moments of works and scatterings or rest, which never seems to come at a good time for a business owner. I'm not taking away from the religious aspect or the fact that people in business sectors might truly revel in this time off, but it really has come when things are tapering on the edge of booming and business meetings are lining up by the dozen. So while everyone lays low and takes in the holiday time, I'm working on my new look ... a look as carefully crafted and?uniquely?manufactured as the very handbags on the shoulders of the friends I welcome into the world of?entrepreneurship?... hold onto your handbags, it's one hell of a ride.

A very special thank you goes out to my sponsor, Bruce Young for all the changes and the awesome design of my blog.

4 comments on “The Project Me new look - project me day 476”

  1. I LOVE it. Your hair, the new look on your is fantastic!
    someday my blog is gonna need some changes too....

    1. Ah, thanks hunny!
      Not everyone has the same positive response to the hair so I need to give it a few day (or weeks) to adjust.
      It's such a joy to watch our blogs grow ... you keep inspiring me to vlog. My first one will be dedicated to my quirky clutteredbrain friend!

    1. *Insert bow here* ... it has been an honour to be by your side in the chaos and the calm. I see incredible things unfolding for us before our very eyes!
      Respect 🙂

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