The reward for not blogging - project me post 853

28 May 2012
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Wow, I've had one of the busiest few weeks in I don't know how long. That's scary busy for me considering how busy I manage to keep myself in my usual busy day to day living. All I've been saying to myself lately is, "thank heavens you don't blog daily anymore".

The busi-ness has been a joy and I'll blog about that later, but for now I want to share the strangest 'project me' lesson.

So a few days ago Greggie gets hold of me to say there has been strange activities on the 'project me' blog. The strangeness was an email from our host saying that it's half way through the month and we were done with our bandwidth. Odd ... I'm blogging less. Greggie called the hosts and made them do checks to see if the blog is being spammed. Literally, there are almost double the number of daily views and an insane number of page views. This at a time when I'm not Tweeting about my blog at all. In my mind, the daily views would have dropped, so Greggie and I both had the same though ... SPAM!


They checked. We gave it a few more days and then I checked. We called again and they checked again. How's this for shocking low self esteem? ;p

I kid you not, I've been trying to hit these numbers for years. I've Tweeted and retweeted. I've used tactics and formulas and I've made sure I consistently write. One of my biggest fears of not blogging daily was how my numbers were going to slide. ?Well, that blew up in my face! I've never had so much traffic before.

The 'project me' lesson ... um, it's the one we've heard over and over again but are usually too scared to try. DON'T TRY SO HARD!

One comment on “The reward for not blogging - project me post 853”

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