The shining light of Yule - project me day 537

22 June 2011

Yule is definitely one of my favourite Pagan festivals and one that seemed to arrive sooner than expected. With everything else going on, I didn't realise that it was upon me so soon and literally organise everything in a day. Luckily Paganism is all about heading out into the park and grabbing whatever nature has literally dropped off for you as decorations. Hence the gorgeous table decorations.

I have to admit that the eggnog was an absolute labour of love but I did seem to get nods all round! Yay! In the pic you can see the traditional yule log that is kept from the year before (the evergreen tree that is in the house ... Pagan tree) and that piece is burned the year after. Because it's the first year I have done this with my friends, we kept the log decorated and will start the burning tradition next year.

I must thank our dearst Chris-t for the awesome turkey, stuffing ?and gravy that made the evening an extra special treat.

Of all the things that got me all excited about sharing with my friends ... it had to be making the yule log (the edible one!!)

I love the team effort that makes up these incredible nights.

And there's Hustler Girl's Ponkie icing the log!


Thank you so much to my special friends for embracing these times with me and welcoming the Yule traditions into their livees!!

2 comments on “The shining light of Yule - project me day 537”

  1. Last night was an absolute blast, you always make it so special and I love how everyone participates. There is nothing like good friends , good food and good laughs to remind us that eventhough life can sometimes be on a downer, by appreciating the memories that we create together it makes everything better.

    1. Oh my gosh ... I can't believe how time has flown and that I'm only saying thank you for such a special night to you too! Your honestly and laughter changed the whole dynamic of the very special evening! Next one you're organising ... did we say?

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