The simple things- project me day 642

8 October 2011

Greggie's back ... woo hoo!
I set the gps and drove all the way to Benoni to fetch him (you'll know the grandness of this if you are a South African).
I made my famous tuna salad ... I should seriously share the recipe with you some time.
Sat in the car catching up with Greggie while his car had a quick wash and go.

Then I got 2 postcards. Who still gets those?
I met Ed through Greggie and they just traveled their own ways and met up in the US. Two years ago Greggie and I went to Italy and Ed met us there too. There are so many that he is special to know and travel with but the one thing I love best is that Ed still sends postcards from all over the world. I know Greggie was home when I got it but it's always so special to receive them, even if the person is sitting right next to you.

Greggie and I have so much to talk about on Monday but one thing that's going to be a much needed topic is that something has to change with the blog.

Project me is so set in the process that it ticks over with ease even though some of life's issues are all crazy right now. The fact that Greggie was away when there was so much chaos has done something that wants me to take a bigger and grander step and a lot of that has to do with this blog.

I'm slowly heading to 700 days and I see many days far beyond that, but it's become something simple and I want to spice it up on so many levels. I'm doing it with my life, aren't I? What, with being in love for the first time in my life and finally beginning to realise that there is a greatness I haven't met in myself yet ... I simply want to spice it up! 😉

3 comments on “The simple things- project me day 642”

  1. I love the sound of shaking things up, adding new and exciting elements!

    you go girl 🙂

    Proud of you and can't wait to see the changes!

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