The story continues in Curvy SA magazine - project body week 13

11 September 2011
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I can't believe it's 13 weeks.

I must be honest, I'm so grateful that I'm purposeful and not completely goal orientated because 13 weeks is a long time and I don't have a fortune of weight loss to show for it. I do have a much better relationship with my body and that's worth more than an feeling of standing on the scale and seeing the kilos drop.

Well, let's not get into too much detail on that because it's the topic for the second article in the Curvy SA magazine. It's one thing to blog for the world to see the journey I have with my body, but it's another to put it in print and have photo shoots to put the journey on display. If I were doing with the old energy, before my new project body attitude, I would have been mortified that I wasn't losing a certain amount by a certain time.

I've had a rough time with my back and it's the journey of getting started all over again. The return of the fears the I'm going to injure myself again ... but that's also for the upcoming article that I will be writing this week.

The photo shoot happens this Tuesday and it's Khanyi from Karisa Spa doing my makeup, which is sponsored by Ofra Cosmetics. I'm being dressed and still waiting to find out the exciting location all with the support of Michele Smith, of Curvy SA magazine. It's no secret that Mr Unexpected (AKA Pat Sloane Photography) started this journey as my project me partner and resident photographer ... and then one night, well we all know the rest. So my boyfriend, who is so supportive of my journey even though he swears he doesn't know what I do for a living, is taking the pics.

Weigh-in will be done by the deadline of the 21st of September and I get a feeling that the regular articles are going to be very?inspiring. Just like project body, it took time for Curvy SA mag to fall into place and in that time, I've had a chance to take a breath and settle into what I chose to do by sharing my story with the world. I can already feel the energy of the mag, that is rubbing off one me and getting me all excited to watch my progress from month to month.

In the meantime, I'm so excited at the outcome of the mag and would like to congratulate Michele and her team for all their efforts to make the first issue the success that it is. Of course, the social influencer in me is thrilled the magazine is available online for my everyone who didn't get their hands on it or who is around the world ... here's your chance to read it: Curvy SA Issue One

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