The things I'm craving - project me day 291

20 October 2010

Now that I am on the road to recovery I find myself in the strangest space. Knowing I want to do certain things but not completely ready to jump straight back in. It has stirred up a whole pile of cravings though and no I feel as though I am creating a bucket list of things I want to do as soon as possible.

I've shared everything else with you so why not splurge on my daydreamy thoughts of all I want, need and wish for.

Climbing into my precious car and driving ... anywhere will do right now but I do think the first stop will be to Greggie's house for a cup of tea and a cuddle with the dogs on the couch.
Sitting on a couch ... they petrify me at the moment because there's no comfortable one that I have discovered to date.
Lying by a swimming pool on a lounger ... my back hates those too
Going to tea with Missy and Madam for a long catch up. Both friends of preggies at the moment and I don't want to miss too much of their exciting journeys.
A cup of tea while I sit at my laptop and write an article or blog (other than the fleeting 'project me' moments of course)
A walk in the park where I don't have to avoid the hills or slopes
Grocery shopping ... I could have the longest list and stroll down the isles for ages
Sitting in a seat at the cinema
Picking up my nephews for a cuddle
Another kind of grown up cuddle (feel free to elaborate on all other daydreamy daydreams I might be daydreaming about)
Saying 'yes' to that cup of coffee from Durbs Boy (yes, he's got that whole chilled out vibe). I'm worried that phone calls can only be entertaining for so long and he'll get bored and move on
Catching up on the 'project me' ?blog day that I have lost somewhere along the line
Seeing the Christmas decorations in the shops (I can't believe they are there)
Chatting to some special friends of Facebook, Skype and MSN for more than a moment
Flirting with some enthusiasm
Ice cream with Risky Business. He chatted to me today and promised to make a date
Getting stuck into finishing the novel now that I have all the research I need for it
Going to the hairdresser. My roots look so bad that it frightens me to look in the mirror
A facial, massage, pedicure, manicure and ?... back to laser treatments
The sun. I don't live in a house where I can stroll in a garden or lie outside and I can't curl up on a couch like a cat to enjoy the sun either
Doing more than just sending a Facebook poke to some special peeps in my life
Swiping my card at the gym
Overcoming my fear of swimming at the gym (ok that is on the has to be done list but it's been on my mind a lot)
Trying out my naughty girlie toy I got from Hustler Girl for my birthday (and blogging about it on her blog of course)
Lying in the bath for over an hour
Detox after all these meds in my system
Cooking for my friends
A glass of wine
Eating frozen peas instead of icing my butt with them

I'm sure the list could go on forever but I have to remind myself not to push too hard and I have done enough sitting for one day. Let's see if I can cross anything off the wish list pretty soon 😉

9 comments on “The things I'm craving - project me day 291”

  1. Ah... the list.

    I've got my "Earls List" that seems to be taking an age to cross things off. Then again, think that's the point, if it were really that easy it wouldn't need being added to a list. Amazingly for some those may seem so very simple and for others a mountain to overcome (literally at times:D ).

    Be sure to keep the list hand and cross them off as they're completed. Trust me, it's a fantastic feeling 😀
    My recent post No Leaf Clover

    1. Okay so I didn't put 'eat ice cream on the beach with Robbie' on this list but it's been on the bigger list and I think I've manifested that one! Hang onto your socks coz I'm hitting your town in November! So super excited!!

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