The things money can't buy - project me day 677

14 November 2011
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The last hours of the day are beginning to feel frustrating and I'm finally learning to put myself in a position of turning that around a whole lot faster than I used to.

The shadow of the day wasn't much at all. There was some gross food and horrid chai tea, with a realisation that some relationships aren't meant to be. The rest of it was filled with positive and moments that money just can't buy. That's important right now, because it's coming to the time of the year that business owners dread ... the long months ahead where our services won't be needed. That's why I'm grateful that there are a few burst of opportunities that are coming from all directions before Santa arrives. Thanks to the combination of supportive people, I'm remembering that money is created when you focus on all the things that money can't buy ... I love how smart the universe (remembering we are the universe) was when they thought up the concept of irony.

So my day starting with waking up next to the man that I love. Something shifted this weekend and I am grateful for the amount we communicate with each other, in complete honesty. I keeps bringing us closer and money can't buy the love or the special messages I'm receiving from my friends who can see how our relationship has grown.

I got a Direct Message from Miss Earth SA on Twitter today. I get messages from a whole lot of people, but there was something so humbling and honoured about her praise for my work when she is doing such incredible work herself. Money can't buy a moment of genuine acknowledgement when the journey has been a long road ... I'm so sure Miss Earth SA can relate.

Greggie and I went for our business coaching with @Jax_Inspires and that moment when she said, "something's different ... something's shifted!" ... wow! Something has shifted and I can so feel it, but for someone so dear to me to notice, well money can't buy the realisation that self reflection and self introspection can have such outward results.

There was some yada yada along the way but money can't buy the moments when business partners are so insync and don't need to verbalise much to make sure their business is safe and in good hands ... our own!

I had a whopper of a week on Twitter last week and this Tweet goes out without me even know it. I'm in the process of being very conscious that I'm building an online image and persona and money just can't buy that Tweet that I received at that unexpected moment going ... "wow girl ... you are an inspiration to us all!"

My plate is full, between the final #FollowSA event of the year, some exciting work for an?entrepreneurial?school, dashing between last minutes year end meetings and planning the social media strategies with my existing clients (okay so I'm getting money from clients but money still can't buy the feeling that I'm getting money from clients). Then, through it all, Lifeology is having a charity event in honour of Nkosi Johnson, the little boy who changed the way that our country view and handles aids and orphans. 10 years after his passing, his legacy lives on and when my friends gather around a table and Greggie asks them, "What are you getting out of it?" and the response is ... "we are supporting our friend, Jodene!"


Money can't but that and I'm so blessed and grateful to the amazing friends, Michele, Jacque and Kim who have opened their heart and given of their time to make this event, where charity and social media collide, a part of their agendas over the next few weeks!

And now I'm taking myself off to a bath with candles, incense, bubbles and the gift I promised myself once a week ... time for me ... something else that can never have a price tag.

What happened in your day that money just couldn't buy?

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