The truth about lawyers - project me day 123

4 May 2010

The saying is very true that it doesn't rain, but it pours. All of a sudden it seems as though everything is going to launch within the span of a few weeks and Greggie and I find ourselves shuffling urgent things in the to do list into most super urgent, urgent-urgent, urgent and less urgent of all the urgents.

Following your dreams takes two things ... a freakin'?unsurmountable amount of courage and just as much cash.

This is never truer than the moment when putting all the legalities into place for the children's website comes to the surface. You have to understand a few things about my nature in order to know how totally?bizarre the meeting with the lawyers actually ?was.

Firstly ... I've never had to deal with lawyers before, except for the family one for my dad's estate and he's really my cousin. I doubt he counts.
Secondly ... seeing as though I didn't grow up as much with the Jewish?community?as I did the Lebanese one, I never made friends with lawyers. The Lebs needed them more than became them. We, I have a high school friend who's a lawyer, but you'd never say so when we get together and become all girlie/tomboy over tea.
Thirdly ... I come from an upbringing where my father believed that he could do everything himself. I literally mean everything ... from building every house we've ever had to servicing anything that ever broke, to creating legal documents with the help of google and a good?dictionary.
Another one ... We come from a bargain hunting family. You NEVER buy the first one you see. You always gather a whole lot of prices and then go to the cheapest guy and wangle him down more because you tell him that you are shopping around and you know you can get it cheaper ... even though you know that you are staring 'cheaper' in the eye.
And another thing ... ?Who trusts a lawyer anyway?

I dressed appropriately considering that I don't think the cold weather ever supports a good outfit. I think I pulled off professional with my signature pair of jeans, a gorgeous knitted top and fake pearl necklace. The downsides of the outfit ... the granny vest underneath (even though it's secret you just know you are wearing 'the vest') and the hair that frizzed in the rain.

After Greggie looking at me oddly to make sure his reputation was in tact and my hair didn't look like a puffed marshmallow, we did the lawyer thing.

Don't believe everything you hear ... well ... almost everything.
I did love the chilled out jabber jabber about how the weather is determined by the big bosses car washing routine, while we hung around in the passage and waited for our stolen boardroom to be replaced by another vacant one.
I particulary loved the little pad that had all these boxes to be ticked .. like ... tea, coffee, water, biscuits ... green tea, oooh, green tea.

Cute, young, dynamic ... completely taking the time to get to know who we were and understand our business ... with giggles, a few jokes and laughs?in-between. Naive me having no clue that at the back of Greggie's mind he's trying to figure out what the hell these charmers charge by the hour.

That answer is always saved till the end of the meeting ... after you've only drunk half the tea and ignored the free biscuits.

Remembering that my dad's words and energy is hovering around me the whole time ... and this is where I have to give myself a huge pat on the back ... even though it was running through my mind the whole time, every fibre of my being knows that we need to be under the guidance of lawyers like any normal business ... even if they do charge a whopper per hour.

Yep ... a whopper ... that's currency for Holy Crap! I think I need to marry me a lawyer!!!
The greatest truth about lawyers is that they really do have the balls to charge.

The lie ... is that they are not all snakes who can rip you without an ounce of compassion. ?Maybe it was the frizzy hair and the vest ... or the look of shock and horror ... or our passion for our baby business, but the compassion, support and fairness was humbling.

My favourite part of the meeting was when the big gun said "if you want to keep your family, money and sanity ... don't deal with lawyers!" ...

I'm still a little freaked out that my upbringing and my money issues are horrified at the cost and I can feel how concerns about money are beginning to linger.

Project me is about to get mighty filled with a whole lot of confidence, bravery and making it happen.

I could tell ...
At about 2:30am when I woke up with one of my coughing fits that signals stress. Now that I'm balancing out the sugars, I've ditched the cough sweets and woke up splattering and chocking half to death. So ... it took a while longer than usual to calm my little self down and ended up sitting in the bathroom catching my breathe and giving myself a pep talk. But this is where 'project me' saved me.
I didn't go into the nasty, 'sort yourself out!', 'pull yourself together!' space. I actually took a moment ... a moment to take a look at all I have done and set out to achieve. At how brave I am being and at how I've never given up and know that I'll never fail. Most of all ... I'm still having FUN!

5 comments on “The truth about lawyers - project me day 123”

  1. Well, never been in trouble with the law. Only lawyers I've known have been really nice. 😀

    Then again, if you're in trouble with the law, you don't want your lawyer to be nice... you want them to be good! 😉

    As for money, it's always going to be short in supply. The more you have, the more you need... There are those that would say that money can't buy happiness, then again it is easier to cry in a Porsche than on a bicycle! 😛 The real trick is to keep having fun. If you forget that or lose that, then you really are the poorer.
    My recent post In The End

  2. What an awesomely inspirational message once again, my friend.
    I'm so thrilled that I've remembered the happiness throughout and am certainly having fun. As we speak ... Greggie and I are talking out about Villa's in Tuscany and Jets to get us there. It's also been a gift to realise the energy of money and knowing that it doesn't define me or my happiness was the turning point.
    I think I'm more nervous about getting my name out there than the money stuff!!

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