The turning point - project me day 289

18 October 2010

Although I am elated at the day I have had, I am going to keep this post?extremely?short because I am well aware that I am far from out of the woods.

The temptation to throw myself back into work would be so part of my personality had I not been on this 'project me' journey. Today I had a good day. It started off a little overwhelming because of the horrible day I had yesterday but ended up being on where I have felt productive and healthier than I have in months.

Greggie and I went to a restaurant with a very special family member and I got to ask so many questions about M.E. and was proud of myself that my research had been so accurate. I realised that I have a lot less to complete in the novel than I thought. All this while I sat through our time together and felt the slightest bit of discomfort.

I managed to have a friend come visit and we sat and chatted.
I had a sparkling personality and laughed?outrageously with Greggie as we read through the profile of a guy who I am chatting with on a dating site. Um ... there are a few?incompatibilities like the outdoorsie stuff ... but I do make up for it in charm ... he wanted charm!

The day is nearly done and I have just received confirmation that my Dragon Solutions speech recognition software is on it's way. I am going to see Dan Hugo for another session of body stress release therapy tomorrow and I am feeling the urge to write again because my pain isn't distracting my brain as much. Today was really the turning point ... however, I am still taking my tablets tonight and still taking it easy from this moment on until the morning. I see the light at the end of the tunnel even if the tunnel might be a little long!

12 comments on “The turning point - project me day 289”

  1. Yay my friend !!! So happy you had a better day today : ) hang in there my angel... the tunnel will become shorter and shorter !! xx

    1. Thank you so much for the beautiful message and for helping me get through this my friend! It really does feel like I am improving one day at a time! Once I'm all better it will be a long skype chat for us!
      I miss you like crazy my friend!

    1. Thanks Irvie ... I miss you too but I am thrilled that I've been so kind to myself and allowed this healing process. We'll catch up soon I hope 😉

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