The ultimate quick fix - project me day 233

22 August 2010

This post is going to be as punch as the fix and the reason why!

My first article went lie on NewsTime and withing 5 minutes of all the excitement there it was ... shocking?criticism?... my first bad review in 4 years of writing. Well I guess I could take those who unfollow me whenever I tweet an Organic Orgasm post and the 'friend' who sabotaged my SA blog award nominations on Facebook. That aside, poofy comments are new to me and yes I know the Blah Blah about any publicity is good and so on ... but this girl has an ego and it got punched in the gut.

So, in true 'project me' style I made it conscious, processed it, did my best to make it fun ... ate a slab of chocolate, chatted to a stranger and spontaneously went to drinks with him. Know my limit of 1 drink but had 2 margaritas and a concoction of bubblegum flavoured booze from a jar. Ate a pizza and snogged the stranger ... wow ... what a rocking quick fix!

Right ... off to bed to start a new week filled with chiropractic treatments, new articles for Newstime, adventures into the unknown and hopefully more chocolate and kisses!

11 comments on “The ultimate quick fix - project me day 233”

  1. Hahaha...what a way to comfort your ego!! Good for you! I read the criticism and I guess each to its own but he/she really should've used spell check before posting it!! Personally, I enjoyed the article as it reflects what the frustration so many of see and feel in daily traffic. Keep it up and leave the critics to do what they do.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting my friend. It seems that after a good snog and some sleep I woke up to a great number of comments and found a bit of my braveness again.

  2. I just love it when you step up to the challenge Jo! I would've run a friggin mile..... Or now after our last few months together with the archetype course... Probably not..

    ... After what we spoke about... This is going to be friggin awesome for you!!!!

    Looking forward to your next write up...........

  3. Aaaaah the booze-and-snog-a-stranger-fix: I love those. Well, I did, until Sportsy came along. *Blush*

    Remember that the balance of duality demands that for every person who loves and adores you there will be one who doesn't. You're being brave and strong and having fun - isn't that all that matters?

    Big hug, my friend. You're the bomb!
    My recent post Fear is a drama

    1. Thank you so much for being the most amazing best friend and business partner in the whole world ... well the whole of my world anyway! Mostly, thank you for teaching me the healing powers of a snog from a stranger 😉

      I love my Greggie ...

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