The unexplained chemistry - project me day 475

20 April 2011

One of the toughest things that Lifeology tries to teach is what chemistry is. Not the scientific mixing of metals but the unexplained connection between individuals. I'm thinking of doing a blog about it for Organic O but this post isn't about the lesson on chemistry. It's about some of the moments of chemistry that I'm experiencing right now.

It goes way beyond the knowing of two lovers. It happens with everything and always at the right moment. I think that this week I have felt the chemistry between myself and ... a building, an idea, a business opportunity, a city centre, a pair of shoes ... and a man.

And when I was younger I think I experienced the unexplained chemistry of an eternal bond for the first time when I heard this song.


I must have been to young to even understand the meanings of the words. I don't think I grasped the concept of the power of musics. I certainly didn't know that as a woman, many, many years later, that I would be able to reflect back along my life and find that this song was always appropriate at some point. No matter how my life may have changed, this chemistry has never wavered. This unexplained chemistry between a song and a girl.

Now lets hope the world doesn't ask me to explain the chemistry between myself and a certain, soon to be launched, hotel I am about to have a very beautiful romance with 😉 Oooohhh ...

6 comments on “The unexplained chemistry - project me day 475”

  1. Ah... music. You could marry just about any moment in life to a song and all that would really do is punctuate the silent moments all the better.

    Being able to look back at some moments you'll find that while you were able to put a particular soundtrack to it, that even though it seemed to work at the time, it still does and for completely different reasons. Sometimes you might think that the cover or original version is a better match though 😉

    Chemistry is a great thing when you finally reach that moment of perfect balance between any two materials. 🙂
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    1. I think you and me need a theme song Robbie ... something about quirky friends, ice cream, beaches and happy moments!

  2. You see I was going to say something about song meanings and life and blah blah and then you ended it with the words hotel and romance and my brain went EEEEEEEEEEEEE! ;). We must chat soon my friend lol.
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    1. I miss you so much my friend. Between the move and now having flu ... oh, and work ... it's been a little hectic. I'm spending this weekend sorting out my life so that I can make time to chat to you. I hope that you are getting settled after the move ... I still have boxes scattered everywhere 🙂

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