The upside of cheesy Valentine's Day - project me day 774

15 February 2012

This is how I say I love you with chocolate

Granted, I'm Libra and therefore romance is high up on my list of character traits. My other half ... and I'm still not nearly done saying 'fiance', well he's Scorpio and a little more to the point and less about romance.

So how does that play out on Valentine's Day?

After getting off to a rocky start and my man missing the signs that switching the alarm clock off actually meant that we could lie around a little ... just because it was cheesy, could be any day of the week, Valentine's Day, I realised I had to take another tactic other than sulking and wanting to throw our dinner plans in the trash.

Yes ... I get that dramatic and overly sensitive but I'm working ass off at project me'ing a less dramatic way of sorting out my Libra heart.

Now for the attempt at tactic two ... explaining what goes on in my head on a cheesy day like Valentine's.

I totally get that romance can be on any day and I also get that Pat never has to buy me crazy expensive roses or surprise me at the office with a huge, cuddly teddy bear. That's not what this day means to me at all. Wait ... before I go down the road of explaining what I want from some day once celebrated by the Celtic Pagans and totally skewed in every way, I have to point one thing out.
I'm engaged ... I'm in love ... I've waited to spend my valentine's not belonging to the single's club and yesterday was my first. I know Pat doesn't get the point of the day and I'm blessed that he did his best at going shopping with me to buy the cheesy chocolates we would give to each other.

So back to why I think every couple should celebrate Valentine's Day ... or at least the ones who have busy lives and get stuck in the routine of life. Yep, I can't say that Pat and I don't get stuck because we do. It's always eating at the table that has laptops pushed out the way, even though we still sit down to dinner together. It's usually back to finishing some kind of work after supper and that's just what goes on in the evenings. The mornings also have their routine despite us eating breakfast and talking about our daily plans together. But there's something missing in that time that we even get to spend together. There's something about a break in routine.

Breakfast in bed!

Going out for lunch instead of having leftovers between emails!

Baking ... which seriously was my first loaf of bread ever!

Having dinner by candlelight, outside!

Making sure all work was done so the night didn't end with a Tweet or editing a photo!

It's the small things. I've always said that it's the small things and Pat always tells me that he's not romantic but together we totally get romance right. I don't know why everyone things romance has to scream 'SURPRISE' when there is something so very romantic about deciding to make it a little different without focusing on the money or the element of surprise. Without wait for what he's gonna give you or sneaking around for what you're going to give him (or visa versa).

Well, that's just me and my Valentine ... as cheesy at it may seem 😉

2 comments on “The upside of cheesy Valentine's Day - project me day 774”

  1. Sooooo... how was the bread? There really is an art to making it.

    Cheese... it's the best way to do anything. Even if something seems a little off, you'll still smile 🙂 After all, without the cheese factor, would Britney have a career? 😀
    My recent post Eleanor Rigby

    1. Wahahahaha ... you had me going there with the cheese for a mo ;p
      Bread bubbled over the pan but otherwise it was a winner ;0

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