The world stops as Japan shakes - project me day 435

11 March 2011

I had very different plans for this morning's blog but for so many reasons I'm battling to blog or think of anything besides watching disaster strike Japan as I type each new word.

I thought it fitting to share my 'project me' moments when news of such a magnitude strikes because each one of us have our own thought processes when there is no control once mother nature and man face each other head to head.

Watch live footage: BBC world news live footage

Archetypically, I have the mother, healer, companion and rescuer energies. At the same time I also have a very strong teaching energy too. Without having to explain anything to you about the characteristics, you can see the conflict that I face with a nurturing mother, helpless healer, wannabe rescuer and then the logical teacher.

How far have we come with technology that years ago we would have only read this news in the newspapers, then we would have seen footage a few hours after it all happened and now we are watching live footage as the Tsunami consumes Japan.
All I can think about is that we are watching people suffer and die before our very eyes. A part of me can't deal with that at all. Another part of me knows that every person has a brave and valiant soul. Half of me is horrified and desperate to make it stop and the other half understands that this is a part of the relationship between mother earth and man.

No part of religion or punishment ever comes into my thought processes, but a part of me can't stop a thought process that I think I have had since I was a little girl hearing my father read us stories about natural?disasters. A mother would never intentionally hurt her child, but sometimes she needs to remind them of the a few life lessons. I have always called this planet mother earth and have always thought of her as that ... a mother! We do so much to mother earth every day. We hurt her every day and a part of my always knows that eventually something else will have to strike in order to balance out the relationship between earth and man.

If every action has a reaction then this powerful force of mother earth gives us a gift as human beings. It gives us the opportunity to stop all our worries, fears and future concerns. It holds us in a moment of gratitude and realisation of just how fragile yet resilient we are.

We pull together as a world! We all pay attention! We are reminded by the power of mother of earth, but we are also reminded of the strength of each individual human being.

As more live footage flashes before our eyes and we listen to the warnings spread across to Russia,?Hawaii and other corners of the globe, I send my thoughts and prayers as the world waits and watches as Japan and the surrounds as nature takes it course.


2 comments on “The world stops as Japan shakes - project me day 435”

  1. Well... I have to argue (because it's in my nature), but events like this are hardly a reaction to anything mankind has done. If we had been here or not these events take place. Possibly that's an even harsher reality as we're forced to consider just how insignificant we might be.

    I have to agree that events like this no matter how harsh or catastrophic it's amazing how enemies suddenly drop weapons, harsh words are forgotten and just as suddenly new friends are made. Nothing quite as humbling as being reduced to a total dependent... or to suddenly have to become the support.

    Guess no matter how we try to diversify at the end of it all we're all connected. More than the simple sum of our parts it is this energy, love, compassion all those things that make us who we are that we are reduced to at these times.

    My recent post Bleeding Heart

    1. Well I'm glad that there's a little agreement and disagreement here because that's what makes the world go around. I guess we would never know what this planet would be like if we were not here, because we are.
      The most important thing is that we know what we believe and we are settled in what we believe because it's the only thing that sees us through times like this 😉

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