Then one day everything changes - project me post 926

31 January 2013

Tomorrow everything changes.

This isn't my usual post where I say I'm waking up tomorrow and going to make changes. No, literally, tomorrow everything changes. It's exciting, but excitement never enters my life without some fear and anxiety. For the comfort of my own nerves, I'm going to assume that's the same for everyone.

Greggie has been amazingly supportive of the social media side of Lifeology and has support it and me every step of the way. It's finally blossoming and quotes are going out, work is coming in and I have more exciting plans in the wings.

So it's his time to fly.

Tomorrow he begins a long anticipated 5 month full time contract in a change management position. The work he's?phenomenal?at and his ?passionate vision for Lifeology.

So it truly, really all changes ... tomorrow.

I wake up and head off to my first marketing council meeting for a client, without my business partner in the car. I'm not going to say he won't be at my side, because we'll always be at each other's side. The dynamic of how we both function is going to change drastically and it's so interesting for me to watch how some of my oldest fears have crept to the surface.

It would be so easy to say that I know what I'm doing, I'm bold and brave and will be just fine, but I've never subscribed to the positivity movement of ... everything's fine! I don't do pretending not to be afraid or ignoring the fear and staring at myself in the mirror yelling to myself, "no fear!"

Instead, I tell myself the truth that the changes are huge and that as of tomorrow I'm going to be doing things I usually rely on my business partner for. I admit that I am always nervous I will get lost, hate going to new place on my own, am not used to going to business meetings about contracts and money on my own, usually don't do anything much with the quotes and finances at all. That's a lot ... a lot!

Now that I've told that truth ... the other voice in my head reminds me of the way I handle any change in my life. After I'm done freaking out, I head into the world (shaking in my boots at times) and I face the challenges head on. I've made plans to make sure I'm brave and have GPS, a car charger and a few people on speed dial.

I've planned meetings for next week to overcome my fear of me not being able to open or close a contract on my own. I've put the foundation in place for the things I want to get off the ground in the social media arena of Lifeology, just to remind myself that I've done so much that has made me successful already.

And with my bravery packed, my vision set and my courage souring, I turn my attention to the most amazing business partner a girl could ask for.
Greggie, I'm so excited and proud of you and your ability to make your dreams a reality. I know that this is the yet another step to you changing the world.

This is what all the hard work and?preparation is for ... very moments like this. Very scary yet totally exciting moments like this!!!

4 comments on “Then one day everything changes - project me post 926”

  1. Standing on the edge of the cliff is always scary but the journey of walking to its edge has prepared you for the jump. Here's to making the jump a fun adrenaline ride! 🙂

    1. Here's to the jump! I couldn't have a better business partner or best friend to stand on the edge of the cliff with 🙂

  2. Hey Jodene. What I have discovered in the last few weeks is that there is a new energy available to us that envelopes and supports us. It is the new energy of "post 21-12-12" if you will. We only have to relax and receive all that is available to us to create whatever we envision. It is all there just waiting for our asking. Staying grounded and centred is very important but essentially it is merely a matter of relaxing and asking and it will arrive. And be open to the many forms that it may take. Blessings to you and all the ventures you are persuing. May all your wishes come true! Joanne

    1. Thank you so much for this special message Joanne. Most of all I need to remember to stay grounded as I get lost in the emotion of things and forget to focus. I know how very important focus and just letting the process flow is. I have never been more excited for a time in my life and I know it's perfectly aligned with the shifts in the energy of the world. Thanks again, for reminding me of so much. Much love ...

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