There doesn't always have to be a reason - project me day 768

8 February 2012
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I've had one of those days. The kind where staying in bed and doing as little as possible is all that the body and mind seems to want to do.

Pat left for his first photography gig out of town and I'm stoked for him ... such a proud fiance ... but that left me feeling a little sad. It's two nights of sleeping alone when we are that mushy couple that has at least a toe touching all night long.

I thought it would pass and I would finally get going once he was packed and off, but the engine just never kicked in.
Greggie arrived and I was about halfway dressed, while I searched for my personality in my makeup drawer.

Despite a super exciting meeting and more possibilities flying our way, a part of me just didn't want to work today. ?I'm that girl who believes that everything happens for a reason, and I still believe that's true. On the other side of the coin though, I have to stop spending my life trying to outsmart the universe (knowing that we are the universe) and not try figure out the reason why all the time.

A comfie lunch at our home away from home, La Vie en Rose was needed and when I was there I couldn't hide my need to just not get back to reality. In a nutshell ... I didn't want to work today. We lunched, we chatted, we contemplated, we ate ice cream. Magically the ice cream did make me feel better. I'm sure it had something to do with the secret La Vie en Rose recipes that go into everything. Um ... I still just didn't want to work.

It ruffled my feathers that there's so much to do, I'm a recovering workaholic and I had a day of just plain not wanting to.

Then one of my favourite songs crept into my head, "Mamma told me there'd be days like this!" and everything slowly started to settle. It's okay to have a totally unexplained day of no enthusiasm and it's not an indication that I've lost my life purpose, am afraid of hard work or can't survive without my man. There's just a blah day.

Amazingly, in the blahness, Lifeology still managed to get great sponsorship for the upcoming Cape Town #FollowSA event, had some great ideas and is working on a logo revamp. That's not too bad for feeling like a popped balloon.


One comment on “There doesn't always have to be a reason - project me day 768”

  1. There are days like that, where you work like a dog and see little in return, then the opposite happens too, you feel like nothing's getting done and then you look around and see that everything's fallen into place. Always reminds me of the quote, "Life's not fair, but sometimes it's not fair in your favour too."

    But perhaps you should just pop a little pill and get on with it 😉

    But I'm just sayin' 😀

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