This chick can't blog - project me day 225

14 August 2010

"Project me" update: It seems I have fallen off the dashing white horse that's been carrying me off to the sunset of success.

Clearly the workaholic has been a little more?deceitful and more forceful than I've let on to you and now I have no choice but to admit a whole lot about what is really going on. I've just gotto do it quick because this chick really can't blog tonight.

It's official ... my body loves me enough to show me the finger and knock the wind out of my sails. I've stuffed my back up a little more than I've?subtly been hinting at over the past few weeks. Honestly, I've been working myself silly and sometimes sitting at my desk all day without moving except to pee. I think I've even been drinking less to avoid the pee break. I haven't been to gym in nearly 2 and a half months and I've been working until after midnight again. Oh, the working in bed is by far the worst and my body ain't it any more.

So ... choice has been forced and I literally have to admit defeat. Tonight and for a long time to come I'm doing it different. I've doing my blog and leaving my laptop on the desk like a partially sane person. I'm climbing into bed (because I couldn't go out if I wanted to) and I'm watching television. If I don't then the day will come when 'project me' will be written from a hospital bed or where I'll be posting a sick note because a doctor has put my laptop out of the room and locked me in it ... yes, it's that sore!

'Project me' is not about beating myself up about it though ... it's about being grateful that my body cares enough about me to help me put on the break and it's about knowing that everyone out there cares more about me than the words I type.

Now Jodene just has to listen ... so for tonight ... this chick ain't bloggin'

3 comments on “This chick can't blog - project me day 225”

  1. I think this has to be one of your best blogs.... Yet again another little lesson for all of us... and especially me who constantly burns the candle from all three sides...
    Sadly, one has to take those breaks... mine is tomorrow... DOING FOKALLL!!!!! (sorry about the language) I've had a rotten week filled with high emotion and it's just been draining with the constant KAK I've decided to contend with in the workplace...

    Relax nicely..... I sure as hell am!!!!

    1. Hope you had a super relaxing day and were totally kind to yourself. I did nothing, am quickly blogging and then chilling the whole night ... not bad for being forced to relax 😉

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