This is libra out of balance - project me day 230

19 August 2010

Hold onto your hats because this libran is swinging out of control on those scales that it's causing ripples all around the world. This post is will be in true libra style ... so much to say, not enough time to say it and half of it won't make sense. That's you just having to listen to me ... can you imagine having to be me for a moment when the libran scales are a little more out of balance then usual ... no comment from Robbie or Greggie or any other Yoda/God speaking people.

Scales up ... Had an awesome night with Mr Big except for the bit when he said that he had met a libran chick who was as nuts as me ... what does that mean? Woops, there goes the scale on a downward swing.

Scales down ... my back is so sore that I'm off to the chiropractor tomorrow morning. More downward scaling is that I haven't been to gym and am eating like the old days ... the way old days that include far too many slices of bread, ice cream and chocolates ... daily! Why? Because things are on an up and the scales of happiness are freaking me out.

Back to upward swing ... first post for newstime will be on the site on Monday. Wrote a rocking piece for organic orgasm about friends with benefits and reviewed a condom for Hustler Extreme that should go out tomorrow. Of course that all makes me panic ... and eat ... it's new! It's super exciting, such fun and one huge big step closer to my dream. Pity my back is making writing unpleasant ... but then there's the food for the 'pick-me-up'.

Eeeek ... it sounds so bad ... it is so bad!

My battery on my laptop is slowly giving up the ghost, my internet connection keeps dropping, my wordpress did this thing where it kinda crashed (but My Knight was working on it when it happened) and Twitter had a glitch where it lost all our followers. Can you picture the scales spinning like crazy?

Um ... I'm sure there is other stuff that I wanted to share with you but my back is so sore that I need to get myself to bed and be done with the day. Scales have to balance somehow so I think a few episodes of House and some Country Music will stop the spinning and show the world that librans do have the ability to balance it all ... even if it takes a lifetime to see a glimmer of hope 😉

In one rational moment I have stop and thank Greggie for being my anchor and ensuring the scales don't tip me over. Greggie I know that you are taking care of both sportsy and me at the same time and also dealing with your life ... I appreciate you so so much. Even when you say horrible things about librans!

To my fellow bloggers ... I just haven't commented ... I'm sorry and promise to do some catching up after I've been a little kind to myself.

Last thing ... my mother, who is also libran, fell in the driveway today and also hurt her back so it seems we shall be climbing into bed like two old crocks and popping a pain killer or two ... my oh my but librans can be so dramatic!

9 comments on “This is libra out of balance - project me day 230”

  1. You are certainly a busy libran aren't you!

    So when you visit the chiro tomorrow are you going to tell him

    That the real reason your back it out is from a night of "product testing" with Mr Big? 😛

    Hope you feeling better soon and if all else fails I know of a certain chocolate cupboard waiting to be raided!

    1. LOL ... it was a girl chiropractor and it did make for interesting conversation when she asked what I did for a living ... don't think I didn't tell her about the product testing! You must be so proud of me ...

      Going for ice cream to feel extra better though ...

    1. Thanks Greggie ... you always remind not to add to the stress by freaking out that the balance won't return. On that note though ... I just heard that mercury went retro again ... hmmm, explains a lot!

  2. Hey, that's life, enjoy the highs, forget the lows. 🙂

    Get that back seen to. Trust me, you'll really miss it when it's gone (although I think already do). Besides, how are you going to keep testing products when your immobile? Then again, that does offer a whole other range of possibilities. 😉

    Hmmm.. perhaps it's time to ditch the laptop and go with an actual desktop. Yeah, I know... it's nice and mobile... and all that stuff. But at least a desktop will require to you find a comfortable spot that will be kinder to your back than all those random spots you seem to be finding yourself with that laptop?

    Hey, I'm just sayin' 😀
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    1. I would like to proudly say that I waited to reply to your Yoda comment because I went to the chiro and got jumped on ... I took some tabs, spent the whole day (Saturday) in bed ... and I'm feeling like me again ... woo hoo!

      Thanks for all the care my friiend 😉

    1. Bwahahahaha ... you know that Greggie is going to read that one and never put it down.
      I just happen to like both my scales and my imbalances 😉

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