This is my Valentine's Eve - Day 44

13 February 2010
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When I had my own place, I would never end my day without a chat with Fence Guy ... who's thousand of miles away. Sometimes it would be a good few hours and other times it was just enough to time to check how our day was and say good night. Between not having my own space and the blogging, so many nights have passed where we don't get to have our special time together. Tonight is different though ... I'm making time!

Today has been a total drag and I've managed to skillfully waste the majority of it away. A lot of it with totally aimless web crawling and catching up on back episodes of mom's favourite ... American Idol! So as soon as Fence Guy popped online I got so excited at the thought of switching off from the over activitiy of my mind, today, and the total lack of enthusiasm about tomorrow!

Tomorrow isn't here yet, so I don't want to even think about it. Instead I've managed to have a totally melancholy day ... hmmmm ... there's no other word to describe it.

On the upside ... I went back to gym, ate healthy (woo hoo) and realised that I am serious about the shift in my self worth when it comes to who I chose to share myself with! I also whipped out my first draft of the novel and have decided that it's days like this when I miss bringing my story to life ...

It's Saturday night and there's a whole lot of romance in the air! I have a great friend waiting to chat and catch up on life! So I'm going to leave you to it and hope that you're either engulfed in love with someone close by and if you're alone ... well, you loving you is the best love of all! But if not ... do it my way and connect to someone, somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight ... Oh heavens ... how cheesy? Tee hee ... that's what I'm gonna do anyway! After all ... its Valentine's Eve and no one should be alone ...

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