This is my women's day - project me day 220

9 August 2010

My Facebook status for women's day went a little something like this: Here is to all of the beautiful, special, amazing, charming, loving, caring and incredibly tolerant men in this world! You can have some of my day ... you deserve it!

Where is men's day?
I love being a woman but I also can't say that I understand the need for a day like today. I haven't been physically abused by a man, but I have had my fair share of verbal abuse. Just last night when I told a guy that I was a confident woman he told me that any woman who says she's confident is actually fat and ugly and needs to go to gym more. If he said that to me over a skype chat then I can imagine the way he must treat a woman he knows.

Sadly, everyone's initial reaction is to feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the woman. Empower the women.

There is an amazing TV series called Criminal Minds and it's based on stories of serial killers. The reason why I love it so much is because the key to solving the cases is to empathise with the killer and realise that their actions come from a source of 'shame'.
There is an archetype known as the bully. On women's day men are the bully. When I say 'bully' everyone has a clear picture in their head because this is what archetypes are; characters as they would be in the movies. So on a day like today even the good men who aren't bullies are treated like them.
Sadly it's not common enough knowledge that the bully stems from the coward!

On that note, if I had the power to control women's day ... well I'd start by abolishing it and not perpetuating the fact that women need any more attention than men. Back to the point, this is what I would do with:

I would give men the chance to seek help and not feel like the bully. I would not let there be any reason to fuel the shame. I would set up?anonymous?helplines for men. I would let them tell their stories about their pain and I would get the world to see that no bully is doing anything more than hiding the frightened coward within. The one who doesn't know how else to get or give love.

Women's day isn't only about the abused women and is also all about highlighting the power of women. We are that powerful so what are we showing the world exactly?
We perpetuate the fight for our voices to be heard when we stand on a soap box and take a day. We fuel the fight to be taken seriously when we need a day that closes businesses and disrupts the economy, where we could just as well run this economy by being who we are ... women!

We all need equal encouragement, recognition and hope. We all need equal empathy, support and tolerance. We all need an equal voice ... so today, because it's my day, I give half of it to all of the men in the world because you deserve it just as much as I do.

And to the women of this world ... Love yourself enough to know that you really are that powerful. We have no idea the power of our very own power. Happy other half of women's day to you ... incredible women of the world.

12 comments on “This is my women's day - project me day 220”

  1. Nice write up. Can't help but feel that all the isolation that the traditional "white guy" gets these days is basically just a fall back to prejudice of days gone back. The irony is that it nullifies the value of what it is supposed to protect - equality. Hey, I'm just sayin'

    I hear on a daily basis that women should do... men should do... men are... women are... I feel sad for these folk. To generalise on any level is really belittle someone. To say one is better or more needy that the other is a failure to appreciate that we are indeed all very awesome (men, women, and the others). Fair enough I'd say it's easier for me to write my name while peeing in the sand... but then again breastfeeding may be a little more difficult for me too.

    I think too few people appreciate that at times some people are better at some things and others at times at other things - more than that, well, that's just the details.
    My recent post Bohemian Rhapsody

    1. I can see that there is a common understanding of what it takes to really empower ourselves and each other. You express yourself with such pride and self respect my friend. Thank you for your interaction and enlightening insight that you share with me always

        1. More enlightened than Yoda 😉
          The awesomeness is just so damn awesome hun ... you're an inspiration and an enlightener (is there such a word?)

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