This is the big SA nomination ? project me day 216

5 August 2010

Best Personal Blog

Betting on soccer seems to be done and dusted and the season for nominating of blogs is all the rage.

As an update, the cosmo blogging nominations will be announced on the 9th of August. I'll keep you posted and thank you so much for the unbelievable support.

The big one is upon 'project me' and nomination for the South African blog awards is officially underway. You don't have to be in SA to vote, but can only do one vote per email address. I've been blown away to learn that some people have as many as 7 email addresses and have no room to go WTF considering my personality!

It's a very simple process ... the top ten blogs with the most nominations go through to the voting stage. As it goes with South Africa, we always underestimate the awesomeness and I'm blown away by the number of blogs that this country generates.
So I'm asking you to do a little nominating and networking for me.

Please follow the link to the SA blog awards site and nominate for the best personal blog category.

If you could write a little comment into your Facebook status, tell a friend or forward this blog post on and drop in the vital details I would be eternally grateful.

Through all your support and the incredible response to 'project me', I've felt a turn in my life and seen my path turn in a direction that I never imagined. Thank you ... always

9 comments on “This is the big SA nomination ? project me day 216”

    1. Thank for the nomination my friend ... and for always supporting me.
      I'm not letting up until you find a blog competition to enter. It gives me an excuse to come visit and find me a cowboy.

  1. It's great to see everyone pulling together for such a good cause.
    Good luck South Africa

    1. Thank you so much Sally ... I'm thrilled that the world is sitting up and taking note and we are all doing our little bit.

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