This is what Lifeology's all about - project me day 165

16 June 2010

Let the signing begin.

I love a good reason to throw my friends together and have the opportunity to cook for the people I love. What better occasion than the official signing of the buy and sell agreement for Lifeology.

The build up to the exciting moment when Greggie and I gathered our friends together and chose our Robbie and Knight to be the witnesses.

The build up to the evening was nothing short of all the reasons why Greggie and chose to start Lifeology in the first place. Our company byline is ... wait for it coz I just freaking love it ...


My golly gosh ... I've replace me really wanting to say 'Holy F#$@ with My golly gosh, by the way!

So, my golly gosh ... if ever I've needed all three of those ... it's been over the past few days.

Our two special witnesses and the signing is about to begin

Firstly, there are meetings happening left, right and centre ... not that I'm complaining! I'm so excited that we are finally stepping out of the foundation phase and bringing everything to life.
As 'project me' goes I'm so proud of myself. I have gone from being that workaholic at the beginning of the year who had to plan and plan before I could go to a meeting or teach a class. Now I can feel this free spirited energy that can't wait to go to a meeting to meet the new opportunity and see where it's going to take us.

We had one of those meetings today. On the way I kept thinking that we had to be on top form so that we could sell ourselves to this guy and give him a million reasons why he should hire as to motivate his staff and make a difference to his clients.

Somewhere between trying to decide between thai green curry and home made quiche, while still moaning about how freaking cold it was and nattering about life ... we got hired. What? Yep ... we got hired!
Then ... with a bit more jabber jabber and a push of confidence ... we have a meeting set up with my Knight and him and I'm offering advice on all the social networking I do. Once again, just by being me ... I got hired once again!

Now that's what Lifeology is all about ... that's what courage is all about!!!

This is what Lifeology is all about. Signing in fits of laughter with the most off the wall friends and partner in the world

I'm teaching ... Greggie is teaching ... and we are teaching together. Sometimes it flows like clockwork and other times I let my brain get in the way and I fall off the wall and have to scale my way back up again.
It was actually hysterical. Greggie asked me to explain something to a client and my brain froze ... something that I know beyond textbook ... something that I live ... well it vanished from the brain. What point was that exactly? Oh yes... Be true to yourself.

Well ... that's an?interesting?point considering Lifeology's point of consciousness is playing havoc on my life.

Why ... oh yay, I get to answer why!
Let's see ... the cute boy who flirted with me at the soccer and made me feel like the prettiest girl around. That guy ... the one who wanted to sweep me off my feet and carry me away ... that one ... yep, he kinda avoided accepting my Facebook friend request. Why ... oh, because he's got a girlfriend!
I was fine about it in the beginning ... but then the chaos in my head began. I went from thinking he was so awesome for telling me the truth ... to freaking out that he had no intention of ending an unhappy relationship. I went from putting all my fears aside to not being able to get them off my mind for like one freakin' second. I went mad!

Mad is allowed in a situation like this ... that's what the sense of humour is all about.

My Knight who's been such a huge part of bringing Lifeology to the world had to be a part of such a special moment

That's where I'm so grateful for what I do and the gift that I intend to give to the world. There are always a million reasons to laugh.
Yes ... I'm wounded and I'm?disappointed?and I'm also being totally hasty because I don't know what someone else is going to choose ... yet I still laugh. ?I laugh at the thoughts in my head. I laugh at my ego and the confusion it causes. I laugh at what fear can do. I laugh at how irrational life can be. I laugh ... and laugh!!!!

Back to courage!!!!

Back to pulling myself together and being grateful for all the things that I have and all that the things that I am. Back to knowing that this guy isn't the one, but the one is out there ... because I want the one and I deserve the one ... I mean ... I'm a damn fine cook! I got so much love to give ... I'm a little loopy, I'm this young at heart kinda girl ... woman ... girl!

And that's just one day of what Lifeology is all about ...

Signed and sealed ... with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour

Thank you to my precious friends for joining Greggie and I and making this night so special. We laughed ourselves silly while I fought on?courageously?against the ego in my head that spent the whole night waiting for a call from a boy ... that never came ... But consciously ... I knew it never would!

9 comments on “This is what Lifeology's all about - project me day 165”

  1. ~Throws confetti and squeals like psycho~ That is awesome! I am so excited and happy for you guys!!

    I have an idea, lets grab all of our ex's, and send them that island for stupid people and leave them to survive alone. We'll go grab us some fruity coctails and forget we ever let them break our hearts...what do you say? 😀
    My recent post To kick the cat or not to kick the cat

    1. Woo hoo ... thanks hun! So glad that's all signed, sealed and celebrated!

      I like that ex idea ... especially the part where we get to drink the fruity cocktail. I'm gathering that they only get bread and water ... lol!
      Sadly, I know better and have to remind myself that everyone only does the best they can with what they have and sometimes they have shattered esteems and the inability to tell themselves the truth of face their fears.

    1. Well honesty comes at a price and I know how people shy away from it. If I encourage just one person to brave the truth then I will be smiling 😉

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