This manifestation sh!t really works - Project Me post 1073?

19 April 2015
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Not everyone may know who this is, so let me introduce you to one of my country music icons, Miranda Lambert. Her music has gotten me to be tough, grow up, give love a chance, get over heart break, survive tragedy & keep on going no matter what. 

I have dreamed of seeing her perform live, knowing that we don't get any country music heading to South Africa. Last night, as I watched her perform live, in Dallas Texas, tears of self pride and worth rolled down my face. 

I have had so many obstacles along the way, mainly financial ones, but I started to take #ProjectMe in the directions of working with my esteem first and watching how it impacted my finances, and it did. 

I'm sitting at the Dallas airport and waiting for a 30 hour journey home, but when I get back I'm turning all of this into a workbook for you and for me to dream bigger and achieve more. 

Note to self and to you ... It doesn't make life easier when we live with consciousness and purpose, it just makes everything we go through so worth while! 

One comment on “This manifestation sh!t really works - Project Me post 1073?”

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