This one is for my Springboks - project me day 190

12 July 2010

I'm?feisty and outspoken at the best of times but my pet?peeve is couch potato commentary.???What has this got to do with 'project me'? Nothing and everything.
Nothing because I don't think there is anything unconscious about my need to vent and have my say to these couch potato coaches, refs and athletes ... and everything because it's something that I battle to let go of before my blood boils profusely and I unleash the wrath of judgement back onto them.

There is huge DON"T in my books and that is Don't sit on the couch and judge any sportsman on the field. Heaven only knows when I got so passionate about it, but I think it's the greatest cause I could fight for. Okay ... there is some save the planet stuff too, but not before I have some of those couch potatoes doing 5 laps around the rugby field of the team they just slagged off and insulted.

There's a bend to my rules actually ... slag off anyone but do NOT mess with my Springboks! That's also not so true because the peeve is with anyone who doesn't allow for humanness with their own team. Don't be all "ooh, I love my team so much" when they are doing well and then "they are a bunch of fools who shouldn't be allowed on the field" when they are not winning.

I'm not venting for nothing ... I'm venting because day 190 of project me took about 5 hours to calm myself down after the Springbok game and my Facebook encounter with the couch potatoes in question. ?Oh ... for those of you who don't know, the Springboks are our national rugby team and they are currently in overseas playing in the Tri-nations. Anyway the truth is that it wasn't the greatest game of rugby our boys have displayed and we had a 'cowboy'?incidental with one of our players who's been named and beaten about enough ... not to mention that this blog is about the potatoes and not the players.

I love this Springbok facebook fan page ... it gives us insight into all the going's on of the Bokke (that's their nickname) and also give feedback while the match is going on. ?I love that page ... well, parts of it! I don't love the couch potato commentary and I?particularity?did not appreciate it on Saturday.

Lets define patriotic shall we? Zealous and unselfish love and devotion to one's country. (They did forget to say to their national sports teams too).
I spent my Saturday throwing comments onto fan pages that just screams my personality. The teacher and writer in me burst forth and picked holes at any slob who sat on the couch with their laptop wobbling on their beer belly and say the most insulting and?unnecessary?things possible. I'm sure the boys are big enough to take it. I'm sure they know that they don't get onto that field, huddle together as a team and go "Okay guys let's play really badly so we lose and piss our fans off as much as possible!" ... They do the best they have with who they are in that moment!

Tomorrow when the boys are playing well and win a game those same potatoes will be singing their praises.

My point ... besides standing on my soap box and venting ... is this: we don't allow room for people to just be human. It's not a joke to be a sportsman and they are on that field because they believe in themselves, each other and have a passion for their sport ... but they are also on that field for every fan out there. They put their bodies and their pride on the line every time they step onto the field and they consume themselves in the moment for them and for us. In the moment ... there is no time to think! It's driven by instinct! It's the most human a person can be! The adrenalin must be unbelievable and the body must zone to somewhere that a couch potato couldn't comprehend ... and what do they get on a bad day or a day when they drag themselves to an act that leads to personal remorse?

They get the couch potato commentary.

10 comments on “This one is for my Springboks - project me day 190”

  1. hahaha... well, if they had picked me.... 😉

    That said, sometimes you have a bad day. It just happens. But there will forever be questions over why some players are picked ahead of others and so on.

    One word though... "Bakkies" (a cowboy? 😛 ) - the man's nothing but a thug. His actions on the field can't be condoned. Worse still is that they now have incidents like this replayed on the big screen. Imagine watching your team mate do that and try to keep playing the game? I think that really demoralised many of those playing. Basically put, there is no room what what he did on the field. Time for him to go home and rethink his life.

    Oh well... another week and a chance at redemption, well for the rest of the team at least. 😀
    My recent post Dance of Death

    1. Robbie, I agree that the action is inexcusable but I somehow fail to see a player that was so close to our hearts is now being treated as though he never had value. It's the same story of not casting the stone. Trust me ... he's remorseful enough!
      Everyone is only trying to defend and protect themselves ... some people have done far worse things without it being spur of the moment with the adrenalin and emotion that must be going into being on that field.

      We as so quick to shame others!

      1. Too true about that first stone, his particular problem is that this is becoming far too regular. If he really was remorseful he would have stopped this kind of action.

        I'd hardly call his actions "defend and protect" that was an outright attack.

        Sadly if one can't conduct themselves in a better manner then they shouldn't be playing at that level. A one off is excusable, but he's now become a liability. Refs will be more than happy to send him on his way for what will be minor infringements in the future. That is a liability that the team can no longer take. If it was his first transgression I'd say let it go, let him do his time and then get on with it. But it's not. That's where the biggest issue is. Next time does he go even further and end someone's career in a moment of adrenalin or emotion?
        My recent post Dance of Death

        1. Hmmmm ... for some reason I think I forgot to purposefully reply to this comment Robbie.
          You see, I could talk to you for ages about issues like this because there is a fairness to both of us. I'm still saying that some things are not excusable but the people all have an agenda or a 'pain' that no one will ever understand. Everyone does the best they can in the moment and then the action is perfectly unforgivable. It's not going to help to fuel any kind of shame a person carries, it only creates more shame and that's where we have no write to cast that stone. We have all done inexcusable things in someone else's perception!

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