Those friendships that survive it all - project me day 640

6 October 2011

I just got home from dinner. Mr Unexpected stayed home and chilled with my mom while I went out and did something I've been waiting to do for about 4 years.

We used to be the?epitome of Will and Grace. Those real?insuperable friends that survived years of anything that we threw at each other and that life threw at us too. Then something changed. Someone got in the way and My Will and I just stopped speaking after countless years of the strongest and most amazing friendship.

I stalked him as best I could but I learned tonight that he's not much of a social networker. I always wondered how he was, where he was and if he missed me. I missed him. And then he emailed ...

It was such an amazing surprise and tonight was the first time I had dinner with my Will. It was like we had seen each other yesterday. It was so great to catch up and talk for hours and it proves that some friendships can just survive anything.

In other news, we might end up getting that house that we saw and love. The landlord isn't impressed with us but I don't care because today when my mom was home alone, 2 guys tried to convince her that they were sent by the landlords to do the garden. At least she was smart enough to not let them in ... but I can't live like this anymore. I don't like feeling insecure and I am!

Work ... well today was awesome! There was a very special aids orphan called Nkosi and he lived a life that still make impact today. Nkosi's Haven is a home that takes cares of HIV positive moms and kids and the social media opportunities are unbelievable. I'm still in the space of needing to monitise what I do but I can see that slowly starting to churn. In the meantime I'm thinking out the box and seeing a fortune of well connected business people who are associated with the Haven and already seem very impressed with what I have to offer.

Good day ...

4 comments on “Those friendships that survive it all - project me day 640”

  1. I remember seeing that little guy take to the stage. Was tiny yet stood tall... A little more on Nkosi (

    and... just because you don't hear from someone in a while doesn't mean that you aren't always in their thoughts. Often you can just pick up where you left off, mostly because while the rest of the world changes where you stand with eachother doesn't really.
    My recent post What a Wonderful World

    1. Ah, I'm forwarding your comment onto the haven my friend. So true!! ... So true on all accounts ... indeed, what a wonderful world!

    1. Tee hee hee ... this is the original Will and I can't wait for everyone to meet him!! Yay ... making the circle bigger and a little more, um, gay! ;p

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