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23 July 2012
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I hope I'm seen as the girl who supports the people around me, especially when they are out there doing their thing and making a difference in the world or in their lives. I know how very supported I have been and know the impact of inspiration and motivation. Lately I have been known to be very supportive of Greggie and the #FollowSA team of peeps who take part in all different types of sporting events.

There have been a whole lot of good and bad reasons why I've been the one supporting everyone else from the couch, but since I've started #projectbody, I can slowly the feel the need to get up, get out and be a part of the team.
I'm still struggling with my ankle, but waiting until some more of the weight is gone so that I can get the ... weight ... off it. Joni from Kilo2Kili is already helping me?strengthen?all my joints in?preparation?for a very fit lifestyle. My cardio is so much better and I'm also coming along in weight training and the results are showing. I lost an additional 2kg in the past 2 weeks and have now lost a total of 6.1kg. I can so feel it in my clothes and it's nearly time for me to go and buy a new pair of jeans.

That's all very exciting, but I also know how not to push myself because giving up is still not completely out of the equations. I know that one bad training experience is going to set me back a whole long way and so I'm taking it one step at a time. This realisation was coupled with a very interesting weekend, when the #FollowSA team set out once again. This time it was made up of Lifeology and Kilo2Kili with 7 entrants into the 702 Discovery Walk the Talk. When we were invited to attend the event, I knew that even 5km right now would have me in a complete state. Never mind the fact that everyone else was walking 30km ... and well, let's just say that competition isn't my strong point.

The race happened this Sunday and I can't tell you how extremely proud I am everyone who walked. I still can't believe that the #FollowSA team actually did 30km and the Tweets about aches and pains still have me super proud.
While they were all walking, I was at the event watching the thousands of people (almost 60 000) getting ready to walk or heading to the finish line. I wanted to kick myself a few times for not walking, but then settled myself back into a great lesson that I have been trying to share in this blog for a very long time.

One of the greatest lesson's I've had to get my head around is being goalless yet purposeful. I've discussed it at great lengths and living #projectbody has really given me insight into what it means to have that vision but not put limitations of time or outcome onto it. This weekend was an excellent example of it and I had already set out to support my team and then announce that next year I would be walking the 30km. The walk ... well that is filled with purpose and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be fit, eager and ready to hit the streets in 2013.
The goals are what would only get me in a state from this very moment on and after seeing the toughness of the 30km, I feel totally goalless in committing to what distance I will walk next year. I have no idea how I will feel, where my fitness will be or what my mind set will be like but I know I will be out there and not just cheering my team on.

I have a step by step journey in my pursuit of health and fitness and my first major public sporting event will definitely be the walk the talk next year. The rest ... well let's just wait and see shall we.

Well done to @ohgodkknows, @kilo2kili, @BruceKCantrell @TiffanyWilson89 @GlennChatz @XavierSaer @katrinaivycope and @k2kfounder for an incredible walk and for being such an inspiration to me along my #projectbody journey!

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