Tired, amazed and perplexed - project me day 552

8 July 2011

It's inevitable that I should be feeling as though blogging and life is all a bit much right now. I had a fleeting moment of panic that I couldn't blog daily anymore, but it's so much a part of my 'project me' journey that I know not to worry about that for a whole lot longer.

None the less, I have two important events to talk about and it's the second day that time has escaped me and so has all my energy.

It's swaying between overwhelmed happiness and falling in love ... and totally freaking out that it's all happening so fast.
It's compounded by my mom leaving for Ireland tomorrow ... Mr Unexpected basically moving in for a week and me being responsible for the parrot and the cats. Trust me ... that's perplexing.
Work things are happening so fast and I don't seem to be able to keep up with syncing my diary and answering my emails. ?Again, a combination of my mind being in too many places at one time.
The frustration of having to put the gym on hold while I get better but the dread of having to go to gym at sparrows next week when I'm going to be playing 'house', is also weighing on my mind.
I'm still not 100% better ...
I'm so loving my sponsored laptop from Biz4All but at the same time, I have to learn how all the programs work and where my mail is saved now. I've moved from a simple download of Twitter to an installed version and it's way different so I haven't even caught up on saying thanks for all the Follow Fridays.

To top it all off ... I couldn't afford to go to Kylie and was all bitter and twisted that Greggie got a ticket, but then Mr Unexpected and me became and thing and I would much rather have him than see Kylie in concert for one night. Then it happened ... he got a ticket too! I'm a little freaked out that I can't manifest the things I want in my life and feeling a whole lot less powerful than the esteem likes. I know ... I'm being a total brat with all the amazing manifestations around me ... but damn, a Kyllie ticket would have been freaking awesome.

So it's seriously bedtime because tomorrow I have to get my mom packed and to the airport on time, but before that, I have to do the long awaited blog and wait for my man to return from his night away. Then mommy goes (which I hate) and man moves in (which is exciting/scary) and a very grown up week which is obviously weighing on my mind so much that, well, blogging is the last thing on my mind.


2 comments on “Tired, amazed and perplexed - project me day 552”

  1. Gee, talk about timing. My mom moved to England a month ago today (the 8th) . . . Sucks saying goodbye. At least you have Mr Unexpected to keep you company. Does he have a brother to send my way? 🙂

    1. It must have been tough ... a mom moving away is a big one!
      Trust me, one of him is all the Gods would allow ... but he is a treasure!

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