To experience the greatest love of all - project me post 950

15 May 2013

It's the strangest experience writing a post from a completely different side of the Joburg Theatre. I think that's why it's taken me so long. I'm still trying to get my head around all that has changed in my life over the past few weeks and every day I promise myself that I'm going to make time to blog my experiences.

Then the day passes and I find myself dazed at those very experiences and unsure about how to do what I have always done, but from a totally different perspective.

That's what experience does.

It takes all your hard work and the very thing that you have done from day to day ... and turns it on it's head so that it's still the same thing but with a feeling of ...

That's the kicker! I don't think it's a feeling that can be put into words.

I imagined that?speechlessness?when I was sitting at the very top corner of the Joburg Theatre, watching Belinda Davids literally take people's breath away with every note of Whitney Houston's songs that she claimed with such passion and devotion.

Belinda 2
There I was, in a dream career position, with 2 mobile phones working furiously at one time, doing what I love best. Half the theatre was filled with people I had invited and that I had taken years to build relationships with and all I needed was for them to Tweet.

A few years back I was at an event and the host said "Tweeting is the new clapping". I felt that, sitting and working furiously to give my best and wait for the response of excited Tweets filtering through the Joburg Theatre timeline.

My job was easy though, because I was blessed to have my debut social media publicity role for a show that needs nothing more than for the?phenomenal?Belinda Davids to take the stage and do what she does. I imaged her singing her way through her life and where she must have sung the very Whitney songs that captivated an audience and brought tears and astounding applause into the air.

I imagined all the years of singing 'greatest love of all' and how our very homegrown South African Diva must have waited for this one moment in time. This perfect moment to experience her greatest love of all ... her talent.

Running until the 2nd of June at the Joburg Theatre, the #greatestloveofall Whitney Houston show is not to be missed, for two very?important?reasons.

1. You cannot miss the opportunity to hear the magic that is Belinda Davids. Close your eyes and imagine that you are experiencing Whitney Houston live or take a trip down memory lane with songs that molded so many of our memories.

2. To be reminded that the there is a talent within each of us, which needs to be worked at every day and lived passionately in order for it to blossom into a moment so life changing that you might be center stage or sitting in a dark corner of a theatre ... and you are living one of the greatest moments of your life and experiencing the greatest love of all.

Have your moment with Belinda Davids after the #greatestloveofall

Have your moment with Belinda Davids after the #greatestloveofall

The show runs until 2 June and you can book at 0861 670 670 or

Please Tweet your #greatestloveofall experience about the show!
After each performance, Belinda comes out for a picture moment with you.

6 comments on “To experience the greatest love of all - project me post 950”

  1. How wonderful that must have indeed been and how fortunate she is to have you in her corner. "Tweeting is the new clapping" -- I like that very much!

  2. Thank you Jodene. Yes, witnessing Belinda's talent and acknowledging each of our unique talents is a brilliant insight indeed! Thank you for the experience. YOU ROCK!

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