To go where the wind takes you - project me post 976

16 August 2013

This morning I got woken by nature. The gusting winds that were tearing through the trees and wind chimes all in a frenzy in the distance. I do a visualisation when I wake up and since I have started Yoga, I have noticed how they are more focused on going with the flow than me sending my mind to different places.

The wind was so tempting and so I imagined myself as a leaf and just let it carry me away. I've been meditating and visualising for years (decades actually) and of everything, I have truly learned to believe anything my does in that visualisation time. So floating through forests as a leaf filled with faith was a very easy thing for me to do.

Letting my mind wander is key to the success of my visualisations and last night I even spoke to a good friend about our separate successes in life, that we can both link back to our focus and meditation time. So in the wandering of my mind, as I floated along with the wind, it all became so clear to me.

I've had one of the most exciting few weeks of my life, with a true realisation that all of my years of work, passion and believe in myself (my Project Me years) are all starting to blossom the amazing fruits of success.
Of all the career challenges I've had, dreaming of being a speaker and turning that into reality has been the toughest of them all. I've always taught and created my own platforms to speak, but to truly be asked to speak as something significant has alluded me for years. It's so true that when you put something on the back burner and focus on other things, that it all falls into place. It's called surrender and although it's a technique I use so much in visualisation, it truly is much harder to do that I ever expected.

Yet, in my surrender, I was offered the opportunity by IT Web (because I found that somebody to believe in me) to talk at their #ITWebSummit in a smackdown about all of the social media platforms. Of course I got to represent Twitter because I'm truly emerging as the Twitter Queen (something I would have shied away from ever saying before). Tallulah Habib and I have known each other for a while, through Twitter, and when she asked me to take just a 15 minute slot to talk Twitter, she helped me make one of my biggest dreams come true.

Fast forward to the IT Web summit and holding the mic, I felt my mind freeze after all my hours of practicing my lines and also felt myself gain confidence again as I reminded myself that I have always seen myself up there talking about a topic that I knew I would rise and be an expert in. I didn't think it was Twitter, but wow did I won it. Can I totally gloat and say I trended on Twitter!!!!
It's my job to make other people trend and I have a decent reputation at getting that right, but it's the first time I've ever trended myself. Ya, what a great moment.

The experience only got better and after my talk was finished, I had people lining up to meet me. My greatest moment was a lady coming to tell me that she had come to the summit just to hear me talk. Wow ...

Of all the places the wind has taken me, I've been sent on a journey to the meeting the most incredible people and one of the things that kept me calm and focused was that, although there was a room full of people, I had a very special couple that I just imagined I was talking to. Ryan Hogarth was the keynote speaker and a man I have admired for how far he has taken his vision. His wife, Melissa Hogarth is just the cherry on top when it comes to being supportive and amazing. They have known me for a while and watched me blossom into this role, so their support and encouragement after left me so ready to surrender and let go so the wind can carry me to the next great speaking moment.

Of all, I truly felt like it is time to claim my space as one of the top people in South Africa to educate brands and people about the power of Twitter. That wasn't the wind ... that was a Tweet!!!


Myself and Ryan Hogarth at the IT Web Summit

Myself and Ryan Hogarth at the IT Web Summit

4 comments on “To go where the wind takes you - project me post 976”

  1. Yay! You were great. I was doing an analysis of feedback we received about the event on Twitter and so many people were raving about you. Well done!

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