A toast to the good, the bad and the undecided - project me post 1024

26 June 2014

Today I got one of the most special compliments.
Today I dealt with one of the most frustrating situations.
Today I had incredibly positive meeting.
Today I had to call my business partner before I went insane.

No day goes according to plan. I'm hoping that's not just in my world and that everyone feels a little picked on by the universe. Some days are more frustrating than others, but somewhere along the line I allowed myself to take the time to watch my responses to a bad or trying day and slowly make better choices on how to handle them.

Today my sister didn't have a great day either. Actually, hers was crap! Mine was nothing in comparison!

After sitting in a restaurant, working all day, because the electricity was off and knowing I was heading home to dozens of emails, because the internet connections was pathetic, I strolled past a bottle store.

project me bubbles and strawberries

project me bubbles and strawberries

People often comment that I have such a fabulous life. They see me out and about a lot and most of my pics have happiness and bubbles in them. That's not because I'm always having special moment or celebrating something, but rather because I have created something to celebrate.

When I posted this picture, someone commented that they hadn't been invited to the celebrations. My response is ... there's no special occasion. Well, there is actually ... my sister made it through a crappy day!

I love that I'm slightly off the wall and I am most grateful that the world around me has embraced that. I believe ice cream solves all the world's problems. I call on dragons and fairies to help take away my scary tummy butterflies and my nephews are convinced that Tinkebell is my favourite actress. I keep an emergency bottle of bubbles (now we are talking the blowing kind) for when the stress really hits the fan!

It's saved me, truly it has!
I think that if I hadn't lived with my sister for a while and she hadn't seen how bubbles of every kind keeps me sane and reminds me that everything will be okay, she would have tossed me and my sparkling out.

So my message to you ... drink bubbles for no reason at all. No, on the worst of days, when you really feel like there is nothing to celebrate ... toast! Toast to making it through, surviving it, hell even toast to hating it. Show the universe that you're celebrating the good and the bad; and when you are undecided ... toast anyway!

PS ... If you drink daily, or the thought of drinking the entire bottle all on your own is very tempting, then you need a substitute for the bubbles!!! Try real bubbles ... or chatting to someone, because problems are real!





2 comments on “A toast to the good, the bad and the undecided - project me post 1024”

  1. I love this so very much. It's kind of like waiting to use the nice dishes, isn't it? Sometimes you don't need a reason to celebrate--getting through the day is celebration enough 🙂 Always love your positive attitude, Jodene. Lovely to be back here today. XOXO

    1. Oh I just love that hunny. I also haven't told you that I will be in New York next year April and I would love nothing more than to see you ...

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