Too distracted to blog - project me day 577

5 August 2011

I've had a day ... yes .. A day!!! Tomorrow I've got time to sit down and blog about the ups and downs of a day filled with mixed emotions.

But now ... I'm sitting with Greggie, Mr Unexpected and Pixel Slave and it's the only place I wanna be.

Here's a glimmer of what we get up to when us 3 crazy kids are together:

Yes ... Eragon is chasing laser beams (look for the very little dot by his paw!) and we're canning ourselves ... hence ... tomorrow I'll make more sense!

2 comments on “Too distracted to blog - project me day 577”

    1. Well that little laser helped Eragon see the light ;p ... he was much more playful for one moment in time! Lol

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