Touched by cancer - project me day 287

16 October 2010

Tackling something completely none life threatening over the past 2 months has been an experience that has changed my life. There were days when I lay in bed sobbing from the pain and thinking I couldn't carry on for one more moment. My mother, Greggie and I have had many conversations about the power of our body and whether on not I or anyone else chooses pain or sickness.

While all of this has been going on Greg Arthur and myself were invited as Lifeology to 93 of Jan Smuts in support of their 5 star CANSA tea party. Throughout the month of October there have been many invitations to tea all in support of cancer. My sister and my special sponsor, Hustler Girl are doing a walk in support of breast cancer tomorrow and I am so proud.

All of a sudden my purpose was heightened when I received news that an old school friend had finally rested after a valiant fight against cancer. Melanie Laskey (Nee English) is the twin sister to my long standing friend Angie. It's one of those friendships that settle in your heart for a lifetime although we don't spend nearly enough time together.
I have had a terrible time toying with the guilt on not being able to go to Mel's funeral today, but what would 'project me' be without having to make those choices and listening to the body. The physical strain is one thing, but the stress of the emotional strain is what settled my heart most of all.

Yesterday was Mel and Angie's birthday and tonight they will be celebrating Mel's life at a birthday party that she had organised for herself.
We have all been touched by cancer but most of my experiences have been older folk who battled it at a ripe age. I personally have not been so close to a loss at my age and am humbled by the stories of Mel's incredible fighting spirit. This tea for CANSA just got personal!

Emails, sms's and phone calls from old school friends have sparked talk of reunions and toasts to Mel in the near future. Thanks to Facebook we have all reunited and pulled together to support each other through a time of loss and reality!
Melanie has a charity fund to support children with cancer and is a shining light to many who fight each day to survive.

To my friend Angie! ?You have been in my thoughts and I am counting the days till I can spend time with you and hear the stories of bravery that your precious sister fought. From our days at school till this very moment you have always been a pillar of strength for so many. I am sending you my love and a reminder of just how incredibly brave you are my friend!

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