Tranquil Body Treats - project me day 740

11 January 2012

I'm one of those people who keeps it positive, moving forward and always sees how very far I have come, even if I am in a heap on the floor and in need of a drink. No, scratch that, I don't drown my sorrows in drink and after a whole lot of soul searching and getting to know myself I don't drown it in an overdose of chocolate or ice cream either. Well, that's only half true because I truly did take a moment to (almost) drown myself in chocolate the other night.

It soothed my soul and made all my worries go away. I locked the door so I couldn't share it with anyone and I reveled in guilt free over indulgence of chocolate and strawberries. I rubbed them all over my body and had my senses in a wonderland that forced my mind to shut the F*%&* up and get lost.

The good kind of lost. The kind that is experienced from a true South African treasure that #FollowSA brought to my doorstep. Just on the other side of town is the home of Tranquil Body Treats and just before Christmas I received a generous parcel of bath soak, foot scrub, hand cream and kiddies bubble bath (that I'm not sharing with my nephews).

I'm the kind of person who wants to rip the envelope open and use the content immediately, but for some reason, I knew that I was waiting for the perfect time. I contemplated taking the products away on holiday with me but then knew that the moment would be in my happy surroundings that are my bathroom. For me, there is no greater gift than shutting the world out and bathing for as long as the body and mind allow ... that can be a good hour and a bit for me.

I genuinely felt like Cleopatra. The bath at the perfect temp with a milky colour thanks to the chocolate bath milk that perfectly embraced the water and I totally shut my mind for the first time in I don't know how long. Holidays are one thing but finding that moment for yourself, ?in the midst of the madness of a working week, is a totally different gift. I don't know about you, but I've come back with a bang and life has also thrown stuff at me that the Universe was kind enough to put on hold while I took a holiday. I'm not on holiday anymore and neither are the realities I have to deal with.

Realities that were long forgotten whilst I took one toe at a time and gently introduced them to a burst of strawberry foot scrub and a hint of secret herbs. I knew the whole time that I would be blogging about the generous gift from qualified aromatherapist and owner of Tranquil Body Treats, Leigh-Anne Burger and the whole time all I could think about were all the big branded names of bath foam and foot soak that lie in my bathroom cupboards.
Of course I'm so?ingrained?with social media that I'm hoping someone develops an App that I can speak into my phone and it will type a Tweet for me because there was something magical to Tweet about. The hashtag #FollowSA would follow my total blissful experience and I would hold my breath and hope that the next time anyone is South Africa wanted to buy their Nana body lotion, that they didn't go to the overly populated and mass produced chain store, but that they would find Tranquility in a truly South African product can purely be?described?as WOW!
Just the other day I received a Tweet from @DavidGrahamSA asking if I knew of @TranqBodyTreats and that they made the best anti-chafing cream for cyclist.

Someone once asked me if I blogged about everything that anyone asked me to and the answer is 'no'. I get asked to blog about something different every day and many products have passed my way, but I always stay in my integrity and only blog about those things that really touch me or make a difference in my life and the gift from the amazing woman and her wonderful product is one of my greatest blogging joys.

I needed that bath, but I bath often. I needed something to be different because that is one of the greatest lessons Lifeology teaches people. You just have to do the slightest thing different. Tranquil Body Treats ... you were my different and I hope you are there to make a difference in my life for many more moments when only the indulgence of chocolate and strawberry can make it all go away.

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  1. had a look at the website, the products look divine, im sure you enjoyed the pampering 🙂

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