Trapped in a nightmare called technology - project me day 421

25 February 2011

Yes, I can do the whole batting of the eyelashes and flashing the pretty, big smile. I can also do smashing things violently and potentially bursting a blood vessel in these sparkly blue eyes. What I'm trying to say is that if you come across a blog post with pictures of a smashed up laptop, trampled on blackberry and a slugger lying next to a?mutilated router ... don't be surprised.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm jinxed. Yep, that thing that I totally don't believe in, but right now the thought that I create my own reality is really pissing me off. Why would I thrust myself into technology hell?

Despite spending most of yesterday coming down from a sugar high and being crabby, I had the added joy of EVERY form of technology showing me the finger. I could work on every site in the world except for 'project me'. Yes, you heard me ... everything else worked fine. So I call the poor host company and crap on them like a bat out of hell and they go "it's working fine on our side, ma'am." WTF ... they were right! Everyone else had 'project me' except me. I then switched to my mobile connection and lo and behold ... same freaking thing. Before you ask, I did clear caches, shut down, remove battery, shake it, unplug it, hug it ... you name it.

So I did what any sane girl would do and went to lie down to bring the sugar to a semi normal state. That's okay because I have my blackberry so I can continue working off my phone. This phone? This piece of tin? This thing that freezes every second minute? You must be joking. I can't smash it into a million pieces before I get a new one, but that's easy enough because I will just upgrade online.

Am I the bullseye for the mean technology gremlins to tease and taunt?

The simple process is to sign up to my service provider online and create a user account. No, I haven't done it in the 12 or so years I've been with them. So I have to type in my mobile number, wait for the One Time Pin and gain access. Don't be surprised when I tell you that the OTP was rejected ... 4 times. No, not the same pin 4 times but 4 different pins that were booted out of the system.
I have to admit that I do love the power of Twitter because after giving in to the frustration I did a nasty Tweet about Vodacom and I had a response in less than 5 minutes. The asked me to inbox my mobile and I had a call in about another 5 minutes. Well done Vodacom ... you were my only ray of sunshine amidst the mayhem.

Here's my favourite one of all ... I'm being haunted by a dating site. Yep ... I have deleted Zoosk countless times and it keeps popping up to show the face of some over aged or?pubescent boy who is winking at me. Stop freaking winking at me and get me off this site. I have deleted setting. Deleted my profile. Unticked every notification box in site and the fucking thing just won't go away. It's flashing at the bottom of my screen now ... It must me deeply hidden somewhere in the depths of the memory of my computer that forgets who 'project me' is but hangs on to dating for dear life. Maybe it's a sigh 😉

I don't wanna hate technology. I love technology. It's given me the platform to share my life with you and live my dream. So why is it being so mean to me? Why can't it just be simple like ... um ... wait, nothing is ever really that simple is it?

PS ... It's what you do with it that counts!!! Laugh and the technology gremlins laugh with you ...

13 comments on “Trapped in a nightmare called technology - project me day 421”

  1. Blackberry? :p I recall saying something about moving from Windows (BB) to Droid (Linux) a while back. I'm gonna say it... 😀 Told ya so! Mwahahahaha...

    That said, there are days that everything will just stop working. Best thing you can do really is just stop and have a nice cold beer (insert girlie/pink drink of your choice) and write it off. I've had things that just don't work. Switch them off... walk away come back later and like magic they're working again.

    Guess it's true, electronic goods... must be female. Push the right buttons and you get the desired response but accept that at times they'll do things, "JUST BECAUSE!!!" 😉

    I'm just sayin' 😀
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    1. Hehehehe ... well I think electronic things are boys ... they will do anything to annoy us! 😉
      As for listening to you about the BB thing ... isn't that part of the boy/girl thing! U can't expect me to just listen to you :p

  2. Proving once and for all... no matter what the boys says, girl will still say he's wrong then defend that point regardless. :p


    Annoy... nope, they can only do what you tell them to. You can only get a response/result according to what you've ask of them 😉
    My recent post Amazing

  3. Lol, you are very funny even in crisis. I hope you didn't pull your pretty red hair out?

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