Trying to be friends with spiders - project me day 808

19 March 2012

I have an interesting relationship with Mother Nature. As pagan and loving as I am of all creatures, I do prefer if they stay as far away from me as possible. In my pursuit to build my bond with everything around me, I even talk to creatures when they get too close and ask them to keep a fair enough distance. If not, I usually run, screaming. It truly is the upside of having a fiance, who is instructed to remove Mother Nature's creation and safely transport it to another spot ... usually the communal area of the complex we live in.

I don't throw shoes at, stand on or doom any insect. Okay, I have a mosquito?repelling device, but I think even God has one of those. So I shouldn't have bad karma with insects. Greggie check that with me today and I can't think of the last insect I ... oh wait, there was the?centipede when we were away in December, but surely that karma is long paid for.

So then why do I have the mother of all spider bites on my side?
Holy crap, it's sore.

It's swollen enough to not be able to lean back on anything and have to sleep on the opposite side that I usually sleep on. It's not sore enough for me to go to the doc and Google seems to have me sufficiently calm. It's a joy knowing there spiders have taken their revenge on other innocent souls and the symptoms all seem to be pretty similar.

So in the meantime, while I give it the 4 to 5 days to heal, I'm hurting like hell and do have the one shadowy thought of hoping I rolled over that nasty spider and squished it with my big butt as it bit me!

PS ... I think I've found the change I needed in the blogging space. I've done so much of the courage and consciousness space of project me that now it's time for that sense of humour. Anyone keen on following the funny side (even when I might slowly be dying of spider bite poisoning) of life.

2 comments on “Trying to be friends with spiders - project me day 808”

  1. I've been lucky enough to have a cat that keeps his eye out for the big guys. I've successfully relocated a few the size of my hand (in fairness I do have small hands) but I guess that's how it goes when you live out in the sticks.

    Had a few bites over the years, one left me really quite ill. But generally it's just a small area that seems to go a little septic and then heals. The body's pretty amazing! 🙂
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