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11 January 2015
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The only appropriate picture for this post, would also be totally gross, so I'm skipping sharing images of my pink eye with you.

Yep ... I managed to dodge it, floating through my family, through the whole of Christmas, but on Tuesday I had a bad feeling and an ache in the corner of my eye. For whatever reason, it's not the mild kind and everyone has had it for well over 3 weeks. My poor mom has had it since before Christmas and she hardly been able to see.

Dramatic ... yes!
There's a very good reason for my frustration, which goes against what I set out to do as I embarked on getting healthier this year and buckling down to write the book.

One of the main things I have realised in my Project Me journey is that I have relied a lot on FAITH. Not the religious kind ... and that's what the book is based on. I told someone the other day about how I rediscovered my faith without returning to religion and maintaining my beliefs and conscious practices. She questioned me about how it's possible to not link faith to religion and then I knew I had to buckle down and write the book.

I woke up the next day with one very gross, pink eye, that looks one eye of China Doll with a tiny slit in it. For the first day I had to turn to my awesome team for help, the second I had a patch on it and did what I could for my clients only, but I haven't been able to write or to wake up in the morning and do my gym ... which I also finally started to enjoy.

two steps forward project me blogAcceptance ... that's a huge part of FAITH.

It's taken me a decade to watch how I work and what I do to make things happen and turn my dreams to reality. During December, when I worked through all the parts of my process, I saw how I have both struggled with and grown to understand the importance of acceptance.

So here I am ... I eye Jo!!
I've decided to wake up tomorrow morning and give both my writing and my gym the best shot, because I love the momentum that I had ... despite it being no more than a few days.

I've accepted that I'm off to a slower started than expected, but life happens ... shit happens, but at least for every step back, I know I've gone two steps forward and thousands more to go.

In other exciting news, we are starting to plan our trip to the Country Music festival in April. I still can't get my head around the reality that I'm making one of my greatest dreams come true. New York to Dallas ... but that's a whole separate and very exciting story to share, after my eye is rested!!!

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