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4 October 2014

Yesterday my assistant told me of her frustrations at needing to get some work off her plate so that the could help me to free up my time, as she noticed I hadn't blogged in a while. I've spent ages with my team, making sure they understand my passion for social media, but my soul desire to share Project Me with the world. She's conscious of my time now, but the lack of writing can't be blamed on a demand from my businesses.

When I started blogging in 2010, my family weren't thrilled because they know how open I am and had no clue what I might throw out into the world. It's taken years and a complete turn around in the dynamic of our relationships for them to trust me with my open platform to communicate. Yet, there will always be a part of my that apprehensively walks the line of knowing there are people out there desperate to not feel alone when their family is at war, and respecting the privacy of my family.

It's taken a while, but my lessons on unconditional love over the past few weeks are beginning to feel as though they are vital messages through Project Me. I'm also free enough to speak about the gist of the drama because it's got a whole lot to do with social networks and what a parent should allow their teenage children to do on it and not.

Of course, the wounds always go deeper, but now there's a huge big mess over the regard for the family when a parent allows their kids to have free reign on how to conduct themselves online. It may seem petty, but my mother is being shattered in the process and that's where I have decided to draw the line.

My big sister and I used to be at war. You know, the one that I now live with, co-parent with and miss like crazy because she's on holiday and I feel like my bestie has gone AWOL. Our war got so bad that there was a huge family divide, which was suddenly realigned when our family home burned down.
That statement should be empowering, but I think it's dangerous. Far too often we hear the message of, don't fight because one day you will need each other. One day someone will be sick or you will have to pull together for a tragedy. Be nice, stay calm, don't fight ... don't feel or speak your truth.

Well, the problem is that I've worked to hard on my Project Me journey to toss aside my personal lessons (which are my own perception) of integrity and respect.
My philosophies are simple: everyone is free to choose how they live their lives, what their values and principles are and how they choose to love. In exchange, I am free to choose whether those life values resonate with mine. We aren't all meant to be compatible! We aren't all meant to have the same understanding of happiness or morals and we all define Unconditional love for ourselves.

The very reason why I chose to become the myth breaker of "the happiness movement" is because living our truth is far more important. Defining our own principles and life values is the key that unlocks our best relationship with ourselves. And that's where worlds collide!!

I've read many definitions of unconditional love. There always seems to be a general thread of understanding that we would all be doing the same thing if we loved unconditionally. Surely this kind of love only has one way of doing it ... unconditionally! Wow, what a wake up call ... nothing goes without perception towing the line.

What I define as this ultimate form of love has a totally different dynamic to what my sibling defines it as. Reality, we are both right because we can only live the truth of what we believe. This whole blog post for one life lesson I've had to adapt to ... there are not 3 sides to a story. There is only the perception of each person's truth. There are only two sides to a story and they are both wrong and both right. Right for the believer and wrong for the person who believes something else.

I'm tired of the written. Actually, I'm tired of the unwritten too. I'm not happy with the messages I've been receiving of, "keep the peace". I'm only happy with the message that resonate with my own heart. I absolutely allow people to have their own beliefs and behave as they will, but if it doesn't fit within my principles then I would do myself such an injustice to just carry on because it's the right thing to do.

I don't think I've done too badly, considering the love I am engulfed in by so many people ...


2 comments on “Undefining Unconditional Love - project me post 1039”

  1. Lovely post, Jodene. I think we have to tell out truths, especially if we tell them from a position of integrity. I read a cool article in the Guardian UK this morning that came to mind as I read your post. "I married myself". You should check it out - I think her values resonate with yours.

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