Understanding the Impact of the Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Nodes in 2022/23

28 January 2022
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Every 18 months we experience the shifting of the Lunar Nodes, which may have more significance to you than you have realised.

The Moon’s nodes are the pathway of the moon around the sun, so it’s not a planet but a mathematical energy point of the ecliptic. Specifically, it’s our emotional energy points and we always work with the South Node and North Node of the moon, as they are opposite each other and work together.

The nodes focus on what we need to be emotionally brave. The Lunar South Node identifies what we need to brave letting go of from the past and the Lunar North Nodes points us in the direction of what we need to brave moving towards.

If you are not sure of where your Moon Nodes were at your time of birth, then you can run a chart here or reach out to me with your full birth date, time and place and I will send your node point: info@lifeology.biz.

The nodes are very specific in their guiding us to see traits that we must overcome and learn to let go of (South Node) and traits within us that we don’t brave using enough and must dare to explore into (North Node).

If you work with past lives, then the South Node is an indication of what past life emotions you need to overcome and what would better serve you to utilise will be in your North Node placement.

scorpio lunar south node

Depending on which sign and houses your Nodes fall, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of what healing needs to be done through your life. The Nodes are a lifetime of work and every 18 months when they shift, it is an opportunity to use the energy that the Nodes are to support our personal placements from our time of birth.

The North Node always represents what your mission is and gives you a clue to the energy that you use to develop and advance or expand yourself. When you know where your North Node is and can identify the house it is in, it will give you a clear indication as to where you need to be heading. It is a very clear indication of what will make you feel purposeful throughout your lifetime.

The South Node always represents what you need to overcome, release, become detached from and needs to be worked on before you can dig into what the North Node placement work needs to be braved.

The South Node is additionally tricky because this is the place where you are most comfortable and at ease. It is the place where you could keep yourself too safe and even be lazy to brave what needs to be done to truly expand into the depths of who you are meant to be.

Knowing your house and zodiac that your nodes occupy will give you clarity about what area of life and what energy you need to brave letting go and then becoming.

This shift is not something to be feared, but to embrace the shift in energy and use it for your greater good and higher consciousness.

The nodes are moving from Gemini (North)/Sagittarius to Taurus (North)/Scorpio. The Nodes are always in retrograde, so they are moving backwards through the Zodiac signs, unlike the planets that are in forward motion (except during their own retrogrades).

We are leaving the energy of Gemini’s mutable/air which has been open to change and communication while braving the Sagittarius mutable/fire which has given us the courage to brave the changes that are good for us. Exploration should have been something we dared of the past 18 months. Discussion, debate and communication, with a vision of our ideals, will have been top of mind. As we step into the Taurus/ Scorpio energy the talking and daydreaming ends and the solidifying of what we value and what we want to bring to life becomes most important to all of us.

taurus lunar north node

We have moved into Taurus in the North Node and Scorpio in the South Node from 18th January for the next 18 months. This becomes a collective shift for all of us, but if your nodes are aligned then you will have your greater impact and work to be done. If your Taurus is South Node and Scorpio North Node, you will also be impacted. If your nodes are naturally in the 2nd or 8th houses in your birth chart, then you are going to feel the nodes more than others.

It will also impact you if you are Taurus or Scorpio in your Sun, Moon or Rising.

The Nodes impact all of us, so you also need to see what houses Taurus and Scorpio govern in your birth chart and you will see the areas that need your attention for the next 18 months.

For example, if Scorpio governs your 3rd house in your birth chart, then you know there is work to be done in the letting go of old patterns of communication that no longer serve you, while Taurus in the 9th house will call for you to brave understanding your spiritual values and what work you need to do bring yourself to your enlightenment.

The biggest impact will be over eclipse time, so it is important to keep a note on them, as they will come up to show you what shadow work needs to be done.

The first eclipse is on 30th April (Solar) May 15th  (Lunar) and then October 25th (Solar) and November 8th (Lunar).

There is a real temptation to stay in our South Node and it takes some pushing and willpower to work into our North Node. For all of us, we will be pushed into having to connect with the Taurus energy.

This is going to come down to what you value. It will bring to question what is valuable to us and no matter what sign our Nodes are in, everyone will be pushed to dig deeper into the truth of the Taurus, earthly questioning about our value to comfort, money, lifestyle and what makes us feel valued.

First, we need to understand the South Node Scorpio calling, which will call for us to honour what we know about ourselves and be truthful as to whether it still serves us. The South Node is the past and where we come from holds vital clues about where we are going. Scorpio energy wants us to see where we have evolved and taken responsibility for the energetic impact we make.

Checking in to see if we hold our power or if someone else has power over us is going to be a focus during these months. We need to understand what powers are at play and where we need to either let go of what no longer disempowers us or where we hold too much of an illusion of power. As a collective, this is going to come up in the understanding that we are powerful, but not that powerful to think we can create the life we want as we imagine it. When we understand that we are in co-creation with the universe and that holding onto too much power is very fear-based, we can brave the Taurus energy of being steadfast in our desires, while trusting that life will carry us to where we are destined to be.

Changing your values over the next 18 months must first come from a place of understanding what is happening in the Scorpio energy. We all need to get our heads out of the cloud a bit and come down to earth to see the truth of what no longer serves us. Seeing what no longer serves us and being brave enough to let go of anything or anyone who is overpowering our ability to trust the flow of life.

It is important to not get stuck in the positivity movement and see the world through rose-coloured lenses over the next 18 months. To be in the truth of where you are and brave getting out of your comfort zone will be vital work.

An important reminder is to tell yourself, “This is my current truth (Scorpio) but it does not have to be my reality (braving Taurus’s calling).

The power of choice lies very much in the North Node of Taurus. Patience and trusting that you have the awareness to move with time and be consistent in your daily practices will ensure that you learn to trust the flow of life. Using your 5 senses and awakening your sixth sense will guide you to trust that your natural talents will guide you to all the fulfilment you need. This will impact your values from money to relationships, how you feel about yourself and the way you show up in the world.

As a collective, we are looking out for the changes of people in power, who we no longer will allow to pull the wool over our eyes (South Node), while we define our own values and take our power back to create the environments for ourselves that are safe, sustainable, and nurturing of our fellow man (North Node). We may not get it all done in 18 months, but with enough bravery and consciousness, we could see great strides as a collective consciousness.

The last time we had this placement of the nodes was in 2004. If you can reflect on that time and see how your values have changed and where you have braved letting go of the past. Take a look at your challenges and what you braved at that time. Giving yourself the opportunity to see how much you have changed will be an indication of how much work you still have to do, but that you are not starting from the beginning. It is important to know that you are further down the line than you are.

If you have your birth chart and would like to understand your North and South Nodes more clearly, then book a Transformation Coaching session with me to guide you through your personal journey during Taurus/Scorpio Node season.

Join me in Clubhouse on 3 February at 19:30 SAST / 17:30 UTC to chat about the Nodes and how they impact you. Bring your natal chart or ask me to help you find your Lunar Nodes to make the most of this time ahead.

You can also book an Astrology Natal Chart reading with me, where I draw up your birth chart and give you a full journey through your birth chart.

If we are not connected on social networks, I would love for us to share our day to day journey with each other. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. Follow me for all things transformation on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast and Clubhouse.

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Thank you for entrusting me with your greater understanding of our universe.

Stay brave

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