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8 May 2014
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I'm patting myself on the back and pinching myself to stay awake at the same time. Wow, I don't know how I managed to blog daily, just a few years ago. Okay truth be told, I was still spending my days contemplating how I was going to get clients, instead of juggling the handful that I have now.

So after a long day, with an event and a client dinner squeezed in, I'm cramming in my daily blog post for May before midnight creeps up on me.

Oh the irony of the book I haven't managed to read, but know that I want to and need to.

The 4 hour work week ...

4 hour work week

It's not the newest of books and I've contemplated making that my next read for quite some time. Next read ... that's going to take a while considering that the only time I get to a book is when I'm in an airplane and can't get phone signal.

I am definitely one of those entrepreneurs who never intended to work my ass off and not have a moment to have a life. I'm definitely one of those entrepreneurs who works my ass off and doesn't have a life!

It's very self inflicted and over the past few months I have been very conscious of turning my attention to the original plan of working smarter than harder.

I'm a big fan of believing that as we are truly ready for something, then the universe provides it for us. That's not the same as throwing our hands up in the air and waiting for a miracle to land in our lap.
I've slowly started to refocus and ended up talking about where we wanted to retire. All I could imagine was sitting and overlooking the ocean, while writing yet another book. So while I have been intrigued to read the 4 hour work week, the other part of has always known that the rest of my week will be spent writing ... which kept putting this one on the back of the book list.

Then ... a friend of mine sent me a mail today. Lo and behold, it's a copy of the book!!!!

That is one clear sign and obviously a vital step in my Project Me journey! Now to find the time to read it ...

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