Unstoppable - project me day 310

8 November 2010

I have been anticipating the day I would share this song with you and let you into my world and today is the perfect moment.

Well, I was actually waiting for the perfect moment and as the day draws to a close I have finally made my choice so I think it's only fair to share it with you.

I have one great escape and that's my music. The reason I speak about it so much is because I was actually a little ashamed of it for so long that I hid if from the world. It seems that in my part of the world not many people are into country music. I remember a dating profile that asked about taste in music and the guy answered "anything but country" ... fantastic. It's only since 'project me' that I've embrassed my obsessive love for the music and today was big for me. It's the Amercian Country Music awards on the 6th of December (heaven help me on that day because we don't get it all the way down here *sigh*).

I have had an odd day and wouldn't exactly be able to describe it without going into my head and psycho analysing my life a little too much, so when Greggie left I sat down and chose my song of the year. Yes, the public gets to vote ... and here's mine!


I know ... flighty blog ?to go with the flighty day, so enjoy Rascal Flatts, Unstoppable! My vote for song of the year.

PS ... I have a drinks date with Surfer Boy tomorrow afternoon! Best I get a little more focused before then!

11 comments on “Unstoppable - project me day 310”

    1. Aah, that totally made me smile. I'm so happy that you listened to the words and get why I love the song so much! Yay ...

  1. Hahahaha... “anything but country” 😀 Kinda sounds like me and Jazz/Rap 🙂

    Country is a lot wider in it's offerings than many would realise. Then again that would go for pop, rock or opera. As always, if the artist puts something in, then you can get something out.

    Can't say I'm a big country fan... can't even say I'm a fan for that matter 😛 but never let anyone tell you that that is either a good or bad thing. It simply is, it's what you do... 🙂
    My recent post Rose of Sharyn

    1. At least you give it a chance and don't say meanie things about it ... that's what a friend is for 😉
      There are beautiful stories in the songs and I think I should do a little sorting and send a few songs your way ... I mean, I have sent you ones about drinking beer and they seemed appealing enough 😉

      1. Hey the rednecks love their moonshine so should be a good few of them.

        "Whiskey lullabye" and "In heaven there is no beer" come to mind. 😀

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