Ups and downs of 200 days - project me day 200

20 July 2010

I have just deleted all that I had planned to blog about and find myself with a blank canvas and a heading that I have no intention of changing. I had started to reminisce and list all of the events that have filled up the precious moments of 'project me' and even went as far as to link certain events for further reminiscing, but then I realised that I know my story well enough and so do my loyal followers.

I can't believe it's 200 days in ... so many people thought I wouldn't get this far, both with project me and with the blog. I honestly thought that I could handle the challenge of blogging daily but was pertified at the thought of living within my truth every single day of my life.

I have filled my head with the ups and downs of the past 200 days and it's been a ride that has filled me with emotion, pride and anticipation for what tomorrow holds. Oh wait ... that's a bit goal orientated isn't it?

I deleted everything I had written because I realised that all I wanted to express in this blog is how I felt today ... contented.
I stayed home and wrote such an amazing piece for Organic Orgasm. I ate gorgeously healthy food without forcing myself and I didn't feel guilty about not being in the office. My time passed until I had the joy of teaching this evening and now I am doing what has become part of my DNA ... I'm blogging.

If there have been major downs they are totally overshadowed by the most conscious and?passionately?lived days of my life. For a girl who has more words than the rest of the world, I find myself battling with much to say. I just want to be in the moment and count my abundant blessings.

Project me started as a way of me being accountable to someone other than me. I was my way showing the world that we are not alone in our?pursuit?of healing and happiness, yet now I find myself having friends I would never have dreamed of and experienced beyond my expectation.

I'm humbled by me and I still 165 days to go! I'm also humbled by you and the love and support you have shown me (whether I know you are out there or not). But most of all ... I'm contented and the ups and downs are perfectly in rhythm to the beating of my heart and the flow of life in perfection.

Blessed be!

4 comments on “Ups and downs of 200 days - project me day 200”

  1. hmmm... although well over half way now. One concern suddenly comes to mind. What about after Project Me? You're going to just seal the blog and leave it? Going to continue, if so daily? (okay that's still 165 days away... but check the anxiety! :-/ )

    The only one you're really accountable to is yourself... but if you wanna blame us, heck, go for it.

    My recent post Uninvited

    1. Ah Robbie, this very question deserves a post because it's been on my mind a lot and Greggie also threw the questions at me last night 😉
      It's never too early to plan for a big adventure, me thinks 😉

      Oh ... and thank you for the very special question, it fuels that purpose of mine! 😉

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