Valuable lesson, tough teacher - project me day 695

27 November 2011
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Don't justify!
Don't defend yourself!
Don't let anyone make you doubt yourself!
Don't retaliate!
Don't give them the?satisfactions!
Don't forget just how hard you have worked to earn your place in the world ... or in the social media sphere!

Wow, that a tough and emotional weekend.
On the real and energy worth investing side of life, Greggie's dad is very ill and I'm so proud of my friend for being so strong and telling himself such harsh truths about his dad's illness and time. It's always hanging over my heart and I can feel a little weariness as it brings back so many memories of the passing days I spent watching my dad slowly prepare to leave this life. Illness truly is one hell of a teacher and it's tougher when it gets to the point that doctors say enough is enough.
I remember that day. I remember the realisation that all I could do was lie next to my dad and wait. It taught me about life and death all at the same time and although I tell Greggie that these moments will be life changing and the he is learning so many amazing lessons about himself and his ability to love and to lose, the reality still remains, that the teacher ... death ... isn't one we truly want to meet.

And then in the far corner, tampering with my emotions, stirring up self doubt and taking me out of integrity, is a teacher that I am only beginning to meet. The teacher who comes in the form of individuals who choose the Twitter Timeline and my hard work to attempt to discredit. I've experienced the odd cynical Tweet, but nothing like this. Nothing like the teacher who unexpectedly states that I am neither a social influencer or a social media strategist. The person who?publicly?announced that he is amused that I am self proclaimed. Another Tweeter, who seemed to like the banter and has less than 100 followers decided to congratulate this individual and state that I am a fraud.

Devastated! That is how I describe my moments as I tried to defend myself online.

And then another valuable teacher stepped in. She calls herself ego.

After this person Tweeted that people shouldn't be proud of themselves when they have bought their followers, I felt my ego step in and protect the person she loves the most ... me!

I watched myself make silly choices. Contact people to support me ... foolishly. Respond when I should have been silent and defend myself when I have no need to at all.

I felt the backlash when friends let me down, nastiness splattered all over my Timeline and accusations about me flared. Ego had no other way to teach my the lessons I have so?invaluably?learned in less than 24 hours. She had to show me what happens when I get shaken by other's accusations or stories. She had to show me what comes along with success and recognition and she had to teach me the wrong and right way of handling it, because it is the first of many ... I suspect.

The friends who launched in to support me where amazing. The Tweets, even though I provoked my friends to do it, spoke of love and respect for me. Greggie was supporting me from a distance and Pat was right by my side reminding me of who I am and how far I have come ...

But then another teacher stepped in. 'The toughest teacher or all ... acceptance. I felt her comfort the ego and step into the limelight as she reminded me that I have no control of what other people think, say or feel about me. I do, however, have to accept that there are many people in this world and each one with think, say and feel something different.

"Accept each person's opinion," she said "but value only your own!"
A valuable lesson, not a pleasant experience at all, but one that has changed my way forward as embrace my journey.

I would like to thank each person who has invited me into their space and called me 'social influencer'. I am honoured by every meeting, strategy session, workshop and client who has called upon me as a 'social media strategist'. I am blessed by every follower who has chosen me to be in their Timeline. For without you all, yesterday would have ended with a very different story.

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